Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2006

Any moron can top a ten.

That pencilneck Ivan Maisel posted his pre-preseason top 25
here, but I have some serious problems with his analysis. Seriously, where did all of this Buckeye love come from? They only have two returning starters on defense with trips to Texas and Iowa along with traditional matchups with Michigan, MSU, and Penn State.

Here's my own top 10. I hope you're listening ESPN! Doesn't matter, does it? You'll pimp whoever you want, right? I bet that creep taking my spot has Pitt and that other no-talent hack Wannstedt in his top 10. HA! Its all meaningless right now anyway, but here's my two cents.

1. Texas Longhorns
No reason in my book to rank them lower, a talented team coming off of a championship season. They will give OSU and OU some games, and the rest will sort out their postseason outlook.

2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Questions remain on defense, but with Charlie Weis at the helm, the faithful believe another leap is in store for the Irish. If that's true, then their momentum propels the Domers right into the thick of the title picture.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes
Jim Tressel is a top notch coach, that is not in question. I'm sure the defense is talented, but unproven. That and a tough schedule put them here at 3.

4. Florida State Seminoles
With Miami and VTech struggling to find new identities, the ACC looks like FSUs to lose once again. Do I have them a little high? Sure, but I don't want to get caught underestimating them again.

5. West Virginia Mountaineers
Meet the new Louisville. No reason to think they can't coast through the Big East and into the BCS, only the polls and the computers stand in their way to Phoenix.

6. USC Trojans
The beginning of the end for Troy? By November 25th against the Irish in LA, we'll know.

7. Oklahoma Sooners
Bob Stoops has had a run of bad bounces lately, but the talent is lining back up for another run at a Big XII title. If Adrian Petersen is truly back, expect big things, especially in Dallas.

8. California Golden Bears
Playing in the shadow of USC, Cal hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. They could be poised to show the rest of the country what's been going on in Berkeley.

9. Auburn Tigers
The perennial dark horse. A solid SEC team, but will they catch enough breaks?

10. Iowa Hawkeyes
ESPN is contractually obligated to pimp a sleeper Big 10 team...so yeah. Iowa, you're this year's big winner. I'm sure Coach Ferrentz will enjoy the additional unneccessary hype.

So there's another list for you internet board monkeys to salivate over. Enjoy.

Trev Alberts is a former ESPN talking head. He googles himself daily.



Blogger Jared said...

Your a moron Trev Alberts, nice top 10 from last year , seems like you got everything right. IDIOT not even putting Florida in the top 10. and FSU lol. Good call, the only thing I can agree with is that Mark May is indeed a moron, might be even stupider than you. But if you ever feel like being smart, heres a tip: Don't Bet against the gators this year, not one single game. Florida Gators Football Back 2 Back, Just like Bball.

9:17 PM  
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