Updated: Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Re-tooling the shop

Just a quick heads-up to everyone while we start fooling around with the site. Mr. Alberts alluded to it earlier, and I'll just bring it up again that there are a lot of things going on around the office. I've finally decided that the best way to pass the time this offseason is to reorganize the Trev army so we can fully mobilize later this summer. That's a direct paraphrase from Il Duce Emeritus himself.

So, without further delay, some of the main announcements of the redesign:

- Please be patient while we tinker and tinker with the Blogger template. The original site was designed all the way back in pre-beta, and now I'm afraid Blogger might throw away much of the design in order to "Reset" to the new Blogger.

- Advertising is back on the table. Bloo's mock naval battles and softball keggers don't come cheap, and while Trev's frivolous fortunes are more than enough to keep the site running, it never hurts to make some paper on the side. Besides, we have to prepare for the inevitable Class Action from parts unknown. Contact information is on the sidebar.

- On that note, the long dormant Shirt Shop is being retooled. Eventually, we hope it will be more robust than just a placeholder for Trev's random Paint files in shirt form. Trev Fun Dollars will still be rejected as legal tender in the new store.

- Finally, we're going to attempt to get back on the ball and get the gang back in for some regular offseason shenanigans. All of the nonsense a single offseason can bear. It's a lofty goal.

- Finally, finally, in any unforseen absence of updates, I want to restate that there are some secret so-called major productions on the drawing board. Hopefully, they'll pan out with hilarious results.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. We hope to keep you coming back. I definitely don't want to go back to the days of "one Jager per hit."




Blogger Willy Mac said...

Yo irish, you mght wana try a total redesign like we did at DFIG. We used to have a prebeta version and when we switched over we opted for our svelt new digs. Worked out for the best.

11:45 PM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

No worries about that, Willy. I'm just procrastinating. Eventually, I'll mess with a new template to keep everything WWL-esque. New digs are nice, though.

7:58 AM  

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