Updated: Friday, May 18, 2007

Trev Patriot Love

Behold, my loyal Trevians, for I have returned unto you! In time for our long celebration of the Trev-a-versary. Just one scant year ago, these fine staffers...wait...where did everyone go? What the hell, people! I go away for a few weeks to gamble in the wild northern regions of uncharted Canadia, and you all take the offseason off? FireMarkMay is not for loafers! It is a strict no loafing zone! I was off investing the fruits of our diversified internet portfolio on otter-races and Ontarian roulette (Ed. note- Russian roulette with harpoon guns. How do you do that?!?-IO) , and this is what my triumphant return returns? Granted, I lost all of our loonies betting on Slappy, but his father was a mudder, I couldn't miss!

That said, I would like to thank all of my loyal staffers, even the slackers that didn't make it into the office to be regaled by my tales of frostbitten woe. It's ok, though. I'll save those for another time, it's a long summer, and I'm still hung over on Molson. Let's get all nostalgic anyway and look at some of my humble beginnings bringing the Trevtastic merits of me to a handful of football fans. Having gorged themselves on the media entrees of more legitimate news sites like ESPN, EDSBS, and lolcatz, some noble souls straggled into my corner of the blogometric.

Of course, plenty of other loveable quirks came along for the ride. We plotted, we schemed, we took hold of the delicious mead of collegiate football and took a hearty swig of the syrupy deliciousness. The ride is far from over. Long live the me.

Feel free to explore our extensive archives in celebration of the Trevaversary, everyone. Be warned though, blogger chose to digest many of Trev's old bylines.-irishoutsider.




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