Updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Allez le Trev!

Sorry for my relative laziness of late, fair followers, but between the snow and my patriotic zeal for our nation's Presidents' Day, I've completely lost track of time.
(That weekend long White Castle bender may have done something too.-IO)

Anyway, we're shutting down the office even more for the fearless editor's birthday festivities tonight. We've got Fat Tuesday AND birthday action prepared to fuel my various unnecessary largess! Cajun fried cajun cooking, the brownest of the brown liquors, and intoxicated video rugby action is on the preliminary agenda. You heard me. EA Rugby 06 dynasty....March can't get here soon enough. Maybe some sunlight will cure us of this temporary non-posting, real-life insanity!

We're running out of ideas here, people!

Trev Alberts is currently checking his Horoscope. He likes to take the best parts of each and write his own as all of his numbers are lucky.

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