Updated: Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Molders of Men: The Orgeron

We start our intesive coverings of Letter of Intent season by profiling one of the kid's favorite Molders of Men. Without further ado, let me just suggest that Everyday Should Be Lemsday.

Name: Ed Orgeron

Known aliases: The Orgeron, Coach O, DaCoachO

Current position: Head Coach, Ole Miss 2005-present

Previous notable position(s):

Defensive Line Coach, Southern Cal, 1998-2004
Recruiting Coordinator, Southern Cal, 2001-2004
Assitant Head Coach, Southern Cal, 2003-2004
Armwrestling Champion, Greater Los Angeles, 1998-present

Pumping iron, general flexing, boar wrangling, amateur photography

Current hoopty: the ever-predictable Hummer. It's big, tough and agressive. Tell 'em bout it Joe-Joe!

Playing Style: Yaw yaw yaw yaw YAW yaw, yaw yaw, footbaw.

Playing Time?: Before any Rebel player can start for the Orgeron, they must first pin the Orgeron.

Coaching Style: Brutal. Like normal hate but more black. If it was a street gang, we'd fight it with bottles and chains.

Recruiting philosophy:
The 2004 Recruiter of the Year is a man of few words, at least ones we can understand.

Trev Alberts is an analyst for CSTV. He can't afford a Hummer.

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