Updated: Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's a major award!

Modesty is not a virtue espoused in Trev's organizational philosophy, but while he still sleeps off last night's "pre-celebration celebration," I would like to thank everyone involved in awarding the site Best New Blog of 2006.

First, let me thank the Academy of the Blogging Sciences, headed by Rocky Top Talk, MGoBlog, EDSBS, Dawg Sports, and Burnt Orange Nation, and the CFB blogging community for recognizing the ramblings of a jilted broadcaster and his island of misfit toys.

Secondly, my staff of local ne'er do wells. Where would we be without Johnny 5 breaking down numbers and putting out small fires, Muppet Newscaster and the ESPN guys keeping us on top of the latest news, or Bloo beating the snot out of Mr. Alberts in Xbox on a consistent basis? This is for all of us and the legion of interns, especially those currently employed as Trev's various ottomans and lounging furniture.

Last but not least, internet high-fives to the Trevians, the loyal readers, and close friends who chose to spend their spare time carrying the Gospel of the Trev. None of this is possible without you. An extra padlock goes to Fightinamish at House Rock Built, Captain Eclectic of our legal staff, and resident commenter Pellee, constant sources of insanity, revelry, and fraternity. Put a chain on it.

I do not expect Mr. Alberts to be as modest. The interns have been up all night tinkering with their golden calf.

Once again, thank you all.


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Anonymous Pellee said...

Congrats bitch! Maybe now Bloo and Trev can stop their advertising campaign for your win: Vote for Trev!

3:37 PM  

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