Updated: Monday, January 08, 2007

Begin the polishing of the Sweatervest!

(Editor's note: We're 95% sure that we'll be chipping in with Southern Papa and a random smattering of blogger types for tonight's game. Check out his site for details, and I'll get a link up here as soon as we get things squared up.-IO)

I can't take it anymore! I give up, ok! I yield to you, oh Worldwide Leader, for this one night that is unlike any other night. How glad is everyone that this one's on FOX? Seriously, how great is it going to be to have Ohio State's (or possibly Florida's) national title dream covered in glorious HD by the same guys that cut Joe Buck a weekly paycheck. Man, I can't wait for my 200 24 promos in the first half and a surprise booth visit by that guy from Prison Break. Cross-promoting aside, I'm rooting for a 70/30 crowd shot to gameplay ratio. Ok, on to the pick, eschewing my imperfect scoreboard for the sake of time and what remains of my bowl season dignity.

BCS Bowl, Glendale AZ
Ohio State (-7.5) vs. Florida (830p 1/8 FOX)

So it comes down to this. Save an outcome similar to the end of last week's real Fiesta Bowl, this game will likely go down as Florida winning or losing as a fluke. Whether that's fair or not, it is the storyline. This is what happens when you have a coach with the personality of a piece of dry pumpernickel toast, Tressel, manning the latest edition of TEH GREATEST TEAM EVAH!!!1!!! versus a team of relative no-names, scrappy as they might be. Actually, I apologize, the first three storylines of this game is how Troy Smith could kick Chuck Norris' ass in all forms of mortal combat. Following the game, he will devise an exit strategy for the war in Iraq that gives the indigenous peoples a solid foundation of law and order while allowing us to handover power with quiet dignity. The man's a dual-threat. I want to give Florida the edge here, hoping that they can repeat the Buckeyes' original 2002 mojo over the then equally unstoppable Hurricanes. There's one slight flaw in that plan. The Gators aren't coached by Jim Tressel. Evil Genius in full effect tonight, no split pick.

Trev's pick: Ohio State

Get me the president, we're going to need the National Air Guard over most of the country. What? No! I need to speak with him now! THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Trev Alberts does not work for FOX in any capacity. His father is the district attorney!

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