Updated: Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Trevonics: Extended Holiday edition

In observance of today's national day of mourning, I am mourning the loss of my wagering credits. The Trevonics has started the new year out with a thud, that's all that I can say. A quick look at the scoreboard and I'm off to hide from the Germans.

Bowl Season to Date:
Straight Up: 12-7
Against the Spread: 10-9

Ok, maybe I exaggerated my fiscal losses, but yesterday was absolutely devastating. The kid stayed up way past his bed time watching Boise State run every trick in the book to beat the Sooners, so we've got little in the works of interweb trickery today, and I'll just cut to the chase on tonight's afterthought BCS game, the Orange Bowl. I like Wake Forest (+10.5) over Lousiville. I just have a feeling that the Deacons want to be there WAY more than UL, and Petrino may have other things in mind. It's got to be hard to get any sleep when your phone is ringing non-stop.

Trev Alberts is a slightly successful prognosticator. He should really get some sleep.

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