Updated: Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Slowness

I've got people lounging around all over the place. There's just nothing to do! Things took a turn for the worse when Bloo broke the office Wii during some over-excited Excite Truck, and Trev has hiked so much NCAA that the X button is stuck. We need some bowl action around here, some coach hiring, something, ANYTHING!

'Bama? Got a coach? Nope.
ESPN? Creating decent controversy? Yeah, on hockey.
Michigan? Surprisingly quiet.
THE OSU? Yep. Them too. Eerie.

Meanwhile, Notre Dame fans are playing it relatively safe, and Johnny 5 is watching "Short Circuit 2." SHORT CIRCUIT 2! We've officially run out of options.

Here are a few ideas to pass the last days of the post-Reglorification, pre-bowl game doldrums:

Vote for your favorite blogs at Rocky Top Talk. While I personally believe that Orson Swindle should be coming out of this thing like Judah Ben-Hur, Mr. Alberts believes he is predestined to win the "Trev Alberts quits to do Construction Award."

Get Fluent in Orgeronspeak. As you may have noticed, the Coach O has launched his new blog, Every Day Should Be Lemsday, with the help of Brian at House Rock Built and some of Trev's loyal followers. Merry Kissmas and Chikunwaffa for all!

Sign up for the arbitrary ESPN Bowl Pick 'Em. More on this as it unfolds, but I think we'll be letting everyone in on this year's office pool, so get those ESPN MySpace IDs (or whatever they call them) lined up now.





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