Updated: Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Robot Saves!

Behold, brothers, sisters, and fellow concelebrating compilers! Yea, the Feast of the Robot Genius is here! Rejoice and be glad! Be logical and multiply!

The Great Reglorification ends today, commemorating the hardships, struggles, turmoil, travesty, and tubulence of the annual coaching search season. While some programs enjoy new hope, others face new questions, and still, others wander the desert. I say unto all the robotic and carbon-based masses, do not give up hope! One glorious day, you too shall receive enlightenment from your new football savior, and he will be a beacon unto your alma mater, bringing glory unto the masses. The beer will flow like wine, recruits shall fall from the heavens, and you too will bask in the golden glow of the shores of the BCS.

Let us now bow our heads and say a brief prayer of thanksgiving to our beloved Genius Robot:

Our Robot, full of plays,
lead us to glory.
Genius are thou amongst men,
and genius is the root,
of thy football strategem.
Genius Robot, programmer of programs,
Pray for us now, and in postgame celebration,
End of line.

Our Robot of Victory, pray for us.

Go in peace, this post has ended. You don't have to go home, people, but you can't stay here. City ordinance.

Reverend Lionel J. Preacherbot would like to remind everyone of this evening's Feast of the Robot Bingo Night. BYOB.



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