Updated: Saturday, December 09, 2006

In observance of The Suffering

(In light of recent events in the Alabama coaching search, we've decided to briefly yield the floor to Reverend Preacherbot once more to remind us of the significance of the day's events. Basically, we were all psyched to post about Rod getting hired, but this kind of got in the way....of course blogger being down didn't help either.-IO)

Brothers, sisters, data compilers, let us take this time to reflect on The Suffering as we continue
this, the time of The Great Reglorification. A time of broken promises, shattered dreams, and bleak futures, The Suffering symbolizes that time in every program's search when the chosen one forsakes thine alma mater, leaving your blessed organization of higher learning bereft of a savior, hopelessly grasping for guidance, and preparing for unforeseen despair.

For the University of Alabama, NOW is that time. The Rod, The Rod, why have you forsaken them?

Let us give thanks and reflect, fellow Robot Catholics, that this, like all times of football-related suffering is both brief and sobering. For remember, even at the end of the darkest night comes a glimmer of hope...even if you are probably perma-pwned.

Reverend Lionel J. Preacherbot is available for robot confession weekdays from 1600pm-2000pm CDT, donations accepted. Robot Saves.



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