Updated: Friday, December 01, 2006

Week 14 Trevonics

This is the end. My only friend, our editor, has finally started to shake his LA hangover, and maybe, just maybe, we can get the final round of picks in for this regular season. Expect a full-on bowl extravaganza on the horizon, but for now, one final run towards sexy end of year results.

Week 13: 0-0, BAC unknown.

Straight Up: 81-29
Against the Spread: 62-45-2

7 games on the top 25 scheudle this week, including the reasons for the seasons, the lucrative conference championship games. Ironically, none of the teams in said championship games have any shot at the national title. Sorry, Florida, but you guys only care about SEC titles down there anyway, right?

Louisville (-28) vs. Connecticut 1200et (ESPN)
This does not bode well for the scrappy Huskies. Louisville, still fostering the distinct possibility that they might be considered for a shot at an at-large BCS bid, is going to Petrino the ever-loving Petrino out of UCONN. UCONN's consolation? Randy Edsall isn't named as a suspect in EVERY coaching search north of Coral Gables...just maybe...25% of them. The Big East, the cradle of coaches. Let the poaching begin. Note, I am well aware of Petrino's public commitment to UL, but does any really trust him? REALLY? REALLY?!?! If you do, I've got Nick Saban on line one.
Trev's pick: Louisville

Georgia Tech (-1.5) vs. Wake Forest 100et (ABC)WAKE FOREST! GEORGIA TECH! ITS THE ACC TITLE GAME ON ABC! Sigh. What hath title games wrought, ACC? The winner becomes the mismatch victim of the year in the 2007 FedEx Orange Bowl. I like Heads over Tails, Reggie Ball completes 50% of his throws, just because I still can't figure out what exactly Wake Forest, you know, DOES here. Calvin Johnson attempts one more "see? I can catch anything!" game before leaving GTech for good. Seriously, I think he's already rented a condo in Indy.
Trev's pick: Georgia Tech

California (-29) vs. Stanford 300et
This game isn't on any of the major networks. ESPN may be able to show it after midnight on the East coast, but only if they put that MA warning on it. Trent Edwards may actually have internal bleeding by halftime. I'm not wishing ill-will on anyone, on the contrary, I'm just giving people fair warning. Stanford has apparently decided to return to the days when football was a club sport, and short of Walt Harris donning some pads and becoming a player-coach, the Cardinal is only about a single wing away from being the new University of Chicago. Cal, the new Oregon, the old Berkeley, is the complete polar opposite in the full, modern PAC-10 sense of the word. No contest.
Trev's pick: California

Southern Cal (-13.5) at UCLA 430et (ABC)
Not a freaking chance, Karl. Dorrell's got his back against the wall, the Westwood townsfolk are storming the castle walls, and he's got Southern Cal prepared to make another statement before Selection Sunday. As if waxing Notre Dame wasn't enough, you just KNOW that Carroll wants to make this win as convincing as possible, if only to further humiliate UCLA in front of countless California high-schoolers. Wind up the deathclock Karl, and don't fear the reaper.
Trev's pick: Southern Cal

Florida (-2.5) vs. Arkansas 600et (CBS)
I'm going to throw caution to the wind once again and not take the SEC points. Does Arkansas even kick field goals? If they do, aren't they just direct snaps to McFadden? Isn't Urban Meyer the ultimate foil to this crazy offense? Who better to dissect the exotic Wildcat offense? This looks to be a great game just from the endless "WTF?" potential. I have to stick with the Gators on this, if only to try to get Broderick to spin the Wheel of Death one more time.
Trev's pick: Florida

West Virginia (-10.5) vs. Rutgers 745et (ESPN)
The dream officially dies Saturday night, Rutgers. No Springsteen songs, no heroic epitaphs in the national media, just pain, cold, unrelenting mountaineer justice with just a sweet tinge of Jack Daniels' No. 7 lingering in the air. Pat White, Steve Slaton, burning couches, and a good helping of crazy 'Neer fans resorting to their usual devices to keep warm. The Knights should be lauded for their fantastic season, and while they, and possibly their coach, fade off into the New Jersey night, it was a good run...and that's about it. They can't pass for beans.
Trev's pick: West Virginia

Nebraska (+3.5) vs. Oklahoma 800et (ABC)
The 'Huskers return to Big XII title action once again! Maybe this time we won't humiliate our half of the conference. I think we'll buck the tradition and head straight to Tempe/Glendale/wherever the heck it is! I've got my discount liquor card all raring to go, and I've had the kid google map most of the greater ASU/Tempe area. If only there was a way to determine the best margaritas ahead of time, like some kind of alcoholic phone directory. The Sooners should be applauded for doing all of this without their resident man-child Petersen, but order must be restored.
Trev's pick: Nebraska

Trev Alberts is a unabashed graduate of the University of Nebraska. Their new inflatable mascot still creeps him out.

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