Updated: Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Apologies to Seth and the guys at the Fanhouse, but this week has been very hectic. Don't get me started on all of the various demands being placed on the compound for this weekend's Big Game double-header. We've had to have a lottery for TV room seats, a fistfight broke out during the adult beverage discussion, and Bloo insists that someone, other than him, go camp out for one of the new video game systems. It doesn't even matter which one!

Anyway, for those of you stopping by tonight for a sneak peek at this week's Trevonics, sorry it's going to have to wait until Friday. Mr. Alberts' has decided to go on a vision quest prior to making this week's selections. In other words, he's already passed out on the couch, the lightweight...

So, head on over to The Fanhouse for tonight's WVU/Pitt live blog and try not to let the mystical powers of the Wannstache hypnotize you into thinking Pitt won't get shellacked.

Live Blog- WVU at Pitt. Full interweb coverage from The Fanhouse.





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