Updated: Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Night Joy-Joy Fun Time

Herr Alberts, it is a pleasure to see you in such good spirits after Jorg's recent collection visit. I apologize for our rough measures, but you know how it is in our business. Maim first and ask questions later. Don't worry, those cuts should scar up nicely, and we don't think anyone will notice the new irregularities in your thumbs. Petra was much inclined to film your escapades and place them on our companion site, Weltreizvolles freches Abbildung Haus, but we just received an influx of hot Bavarian farm action, and we really should be giving our customers what they want.

Moving onto our remaining business, ihr zicklein has once again to allow to make with point-spread for this evening's football match. So, without further delay, Jorg will now unveil his calculations, which he spent many an evening compelling over. The true anguish of his sleepless nachts are unleashed on this delectable evil sport-line.

Louisville (-6) at Rutgers (747et on the ESPN)

Wonderfully mind-melting, is it not? Again, why is this spread so low? Rutgers is out-classed by the mighty Cardinals, and while the game is at their home, surely Louisville can win by a simple touch goal. Do you really think this game will be close? Could it come down to kicking points? New Jersey is a very hostile place to play your violent American game, and the mere thought of barbaric rage-sport under the stark industrial lights of Piscataway has Petra all a quiver with the depravity of it all. So, doubt yourself, mein wager-menches, and thoroughly rack your brains over Jorg's latest enigma. Feel the torture he felt as you contemplate the various matchups. Louisville is quite soft against the running-type offense, and Rutgers has been giving hotshot wunder-QBs bubonic shakes as of late. The outcome cannot be as certain as it looked even yesterday. Now that you have gazed upon our tantalizing line, you feel compelled to justify your intellect!

To further your confusion, here is a home-brau highlight reel of your favorite new underdog. Believe as they do, and maybe we can crush both of your dreams.

By the way, Herr Alberts, be sure to thank your editor for posting Der UberHasselhoff. The man is a genius.

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