Updated: Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sorry for the late post: UL/Rutgers LiveBlog

Trev had me on "button duty" for this shift, so I'm just getting around to this. Seth over at the Fanhouse gave me a heads up on their liveblog of tonight's Louiville/Rutgers game, so here's the link:

#3 Louisville at #15 Rutgers LIVEBLOG at The Fanhouse (EDIT: I think we've got a good link now.)

I know I'll be checking it out here at the office, as we all work late to make sure Trev's suticases are properly packed. Broderick's zeppelin is off in the distance, so I think it's safe to assume he's going to be stopping by at some point to root on the Big East. I think he's rooting for Rugters, but he doesn't really care who wins tonight as long as they do it in dastardly fashion. Enjoy the game and liveblog, and if it comes up, tell them Trev sent you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some numbers to input.

Locke thinks Arrelious Benn is a Maryland lean. nfm*





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quick question... not sure if anyone knows. Lets run through an improbable, but possible scenario for the BCS:

If NW'ern somehow pulls off an upset at home this weekend over OSU, then OSU wins out... Michigan wins out other than losing to OSU, and Wisconsin wins out... who wins the Big Ten? Does Wisconsin automatically go to the Rose Bowl since the Big Ten has a crazy tie-breaker? Does OSU automatically get left out of a BCS bowl entirely because they were the last Big Ten team to play in a BCS bowl? Would the world explode?

11:00 AM  

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