Updated: Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Motor City Trevonics

It's just me moping around the compound today, loyal Trevians. The staff's gone off to celebrate their related winter seasonal holidays, and I'm left here to nurse my gimpy kneecaps while watching various meaningless bowl games. That doesn't mean I can't spread some holiday cheer of my own with some extra Peppermint Schnapps in my White Russians and hours upon hours of meaningless exhibition American football on the tape. It's a scoreboard miracle!

Straight Up: 3-2
Against the Spread: 4-1

Straight Up: 5-2
Against the Spread: 5-2

Troy 41-Rice 17
South Florida 24-East Carolina 7
San Jose State 20-New Mexico 12

My least sincere apologies to the San Jose State Spartans, I mistook you for the perennially random West Coast team, the San Diego State Aztecs. I have to say that your crazy blue-yellow uniform business is much crazier than whatever they have going on down there in the city of Whale's genitalia. Well played in your New Mexico playdate, sponsored by New Mexico. As for Troy and South Florida, a good old shellacking should be its own reward. I'd have some actual analysis of these three games, but I don't feel like it. At least I'm being honest. These bowl games are just football when you have other plans.

Utah 25-Tulsa 13
I will single out this game however, as it was my only glaring loss of the weekend. Tulsa was supposed to deal with those non-hakaing Utah-ans (Utahonians?) like the Golden Hurricane they are. The Utes probably took offense to my sterotyping them as docile hunter-gatherers patiently awaiting their casino license. My uninformed opinion aside, they played some competent football, and Tulsa, well, Tulsa did not.

Let's see what's next on the docket...

Motor City Bowl, Detroit MI
Central Michigan (-7.5) vs. Middle Tennessee State (730et 12/26 ESPN)

The things we show on ESPN these days! Surrounded by holiday reruns and shows on winter hiatus, it is games like these that must sustain us. How can one live on this? HOW! I can't even Trev factor this business because I can't figure out heads or tails about this Middle Tennesee State. I know the Chippewas have some decent MAC uniforms, and they run some kind of crazy spread, but thats about it. This isn't a good sign for their opponent. If a Tuesday night blowout is what gets us through the night, so be it. Seriously? COME ON!
Trev's pick: Central Michigan

Trev Alberts is a recovering analyst for ESPN. He plans on eating a lot of ice cream during Bowl Week.

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