Updated: Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Trevonics: We're gonna need some Hand Grenades

This crazy week of holiday shenanigans keeps on rolling, Trev believers. Just when I thought everything would be back on track, they bury a president, and the kid goes into seclusion for the Sugar Bowl. While we're at it, I'm losing my proverbial shirt and my literal appendages on the wagering action, all part of a balance scoreboard:

Bowl Season to Date:
Straight Up: 12-8
Against the Spread: 10-10

This latest edition of scoreboard is brought you by the letter L and the number 50. Maybe Wake Forest could have gotten a little more fired up if they brought more than their chamber orchestra to the game. He's not going to attack the small school, is he? YES HE IS! I know non-Texan high schools that could at least spell out "Deacons." Cripes.

Well, on to tonight's game. I feel obligated to pick and writeup tonight's Sugar Bowl match up if I have any hope of seeing our beloved editor ever again.

Sugar Bowl, New Orleans LA
Notre Dame (+8.5) at LSU (800et 1/3 FOX)

I've heard the warnings. The size of LSU's defense, the speed of their offense, the fact that 100% of Louisiana's registered voodoo doctors and 4 out of 5 of their voodoo dentists are recommending a true Tiger beatdown are all for naught in the Book of Trev. Despite the intimidating odds facing the Irish, they still have their ace in the hole, a genius robot for a head coach. While Les Miles is a known dark magician in his own right (Two Potter references in one day? Geeks. -IO), his ultimately predictable gameplan is no match for the robot's trickeration. I'm immediately reminded of this year's Rose Bowl, as USC thoroughly exploited Michigan's traditionally stout base. Sure, the Irish aren't Southern Cal, that is still brutally obvious, but use that game as excellent proof that out-scheming can out-execute vanilla tactics. Best-case scenario for ND is that the Tigers' talent both overrated and under-coached. As per usual, I'm contractually bound to pimp ND, making me the ONLY sports-guy person in the COUNTRY. So, there it is.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

We were going to do the game in Trev-O-Vision, but I'm pretty sure the kid will be in the bag by the end of the early ND-Louisville basketball game, and since it's only on the radio here, we're going to have Bloo and the interns act it out via interpretive dance.

Trev Alberts is a real-life broadcaster. He took three years of modern tap and two years of jazz.

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