Updated: Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Breaking News: Scandal may have extraordinary magnitude

Good morning, everyone! This is an ESPN News flash! The LA Daily News (HT: EDSBS/The Wiz) is reporting that USC safety Brandon Ting tested positive for steroids last winter, making him ineligible for this season. Brandon has left the team with his twin brother, Ryan, to focus on medical school applications. Their father, Dr. Arthur Ting, is a bay area orthopedic surgeon with ties to Giants slugger, Barry Bonds.

This newscaster, for one, can tell what's going on here. This potentially dark web of mystery and drug-related intrigue may very well be traced back to another bay area physician...the evil Dr. Klahn!

Dr. Klahn could not be reached by telephone, but we left a message on his machine, and he assured us that we had his gratitude. More on this story as it develops...



Anonymous Host PPH said...

I don't know why they can be under control. It is a lottery but they should know that at the end it can alter your career.

4:24 PM  

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