Updated: Monday, July 24, 2006

Show your pride

Hi, everyone. Kirk Herbstreit here to remind you that there are safe and sanitary ways to enjoy adult material on the internet. Here's a look at what Nike has in the works, taking full advantage of their licensing might:

Now that a solution has been found, I think we can finally put this whole unfortunate affair behind us, Buckeye fans. The offseason is almost over, and now college football fans everywhere can start focusing on how the football team is screwing itself. If you're curious about what happened to our fellow fan, here's that last compelling chapter in his 15 minutes of infamy.

Kirk Herbstreit is a god-fearing ESPN analyst. He would like to remind everyone to dress up for court.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if assulting a camera man violates his parole?

2:46 PM  

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