Updated: Monday, July 10, 2006

MyESPNspace beta

The future of SportsNation is here! Coming this September, our friends at the Worldewide Leader will give us all a new platform to share our views on our favorite teams, meet new friends, and anonymously trash talk. Here in Bristol, we've been able to test out the new system before it goes live. I'd say results are mixed. Here's a look at my "wall."

Tom 7/1/2006 10:00am:
Welcome to myESPNspace!

Top Clone 7/2/2006 3:00pm:
Good to have you on, Kirk. We need to hang out.

PittSkin73 7/2/2006 6:21pm:
Thanks, Kirk. You think maybe I can go to Atlanta with you?

HottAlexxx 7/3/2006 2:21am:
Check out my new site, now with webcam. http://adultseekermega.hott.ru/Alexxx

Trevious Awesomicus 7/3/2006 12:07pm:
M4r|{ M4¥ 1$ 73h $µxx0r!! FIRE MARK MAY!

CFowl 7/6/2006 5:13pm:
Dang it, Kirk. Why did you add Trev? j/k See you in Atlanta! I'll pack the Makers...

ESPNMobile1 7/7/2006 1:42am:
I know where I'll be Labor Day! See you all down there! You guys tailgating at all?

Corso 7/7/2006 8:18am:
Not so fast, my friend... Kirk, Atlanta is going to be the roxxor.

Top Clone 7/7/2006 11:00am:
Great, now Mobile Guy's going to stalk you all across state lines. Kirk, you get my email?

LetsGoMets 7/8/2006 8:18am:
I had a great time last night, Kirk. Want to catch another game this week?

THE-Buckeye 7/8/2006 10:37am:
YOU CHEATING @#!$!%ER!!!!!11!!!1!!

Kirk Herbstreit is a co-anchor of ESPN College Gameday. He's in nobody's top 6.



Anonymous Andy said...

Oh my. This site is freakin great.
Gimme Rome by the barrelful! Mocking him is the opposite of terrible.

10:05 AM  

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