Updated: Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fark Yourself

Let me just say that I am looking forward to this upcoming season. All you clones are really stepping up you internet chicanery. We saw flashes of your techno-brilliance near the end of last season, but this has been an offeseason full of ridiculous videos and photoshopping goodness. The great thing about this whole blogging thing is this...NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S REAL ANYMORE. As if the college football world needed more fuel for the crazy rumor fires, now we have farkers helping us jump to conclusions. For example, these pictures of OU Heisman candidate Adrian Peterson: the original and the internet version.

Or how about so-called Jimmy Clausen "Love Boat" fake?

Ok, which one of you weirdos has the free time for this? You guys have opened the box...I just want you all to be aware of that.

The possibilities are endless. Pat White burning a couch? Sure. Mark Sanchez robbing a liquor store? You got it. Charlie Weis eating babies? BRING IT ON! I don't even want to touch the SEC on this. My wildest dreams cannot predict the chaos that will emerge in Dixie this fall. You know what? This internet stuff ain't half bad after all. Rack me.

Jim Rome's "Rome is Burning" can be seen weekday afternoons on ESPN. The World Series of Darts is getting higher ratings.



Blogger PSUMike said...

Don't forget about Joe Paterno holding that stupid loaf of bread. Oh wait, that's real?

2:58 PM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

Very real, there is an internet bounty on a YouTube ad.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Lucien said...

well done use your summer holidays to bring yourself in good shape

4:39 PM  

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