Updated: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Week 1 Roundup

I can't believe we have to wait until Thursday for another semblance of college football, but at least there's the blue field of Boise State to look forward to. On to my scoreboard.

Saturday/Monday tally-
Straight Up: 6-1
Against the Spread:4-3

ATS: 7-4

Tenn 35-Cal 18

Them boys were flying in Neyland. Cooter would be proud.

Cal being thoroughly depantsed by the Volunteers made me look just as silly as the Bears defense, but at least I can still tackle. Corso and Phil Steele are looking quite foolish this morning, but I can't shake this sneaking suspicion that Cal will go on some kind of phenomenal run after this, including giving ESPN's ex-girlfriend a tough game in the coliseum. Next thing we'll know, a 9-1 Cal team is firmly entrenched back in the dark horse spot...or I'm high. Tennessee on the other hand is now the official "What the?!?" team of the season as this game will be on everyone's minds until the Vols are similarly embarrassed, if ever. Cal's PAC-10 opener with ASU and Tennessee's grudge match with Florida definitely remain games of interest.

Notre Dame 14-Georgia Tech 10
Between the southern heat, Southern Comfort, and that game, the kid is convinced he has an irregular heartbeat following last weekend. Did Tech play over their heads or are the Irish mortal? I'm willing to believe the former as "Reggie Baw" played arguably the game of his life...and still threw 50%. If this is the new Reggie, the lack of turnovers is a good sign, and the D definitely looks like it can make things happen. Chan Gailey may officially be the Bob Davie of the South. As for Notre Dame and Charlie Weis, I wouldn't be too worried about that offense. Both teams learned a lot in this game.

Oregon 48-Stanford 10
Going down exactly as planned, the Rollerballers demolished Stanford in a sea of former Native-American mascot blood. There is little else to add to this game other than I hope you all took some Ducks in your various fantasy pools. Oregon is the new Cal. Personally, I can't wait for the Stanford-Washington on Nov. 11th. I want to play it side-by-side with a replay of last night's FSU-Miami game. I'm sure there's a novelty party game in there somewhere.

Michigan, Penn State, and Southern Cal over Vandy, Akron, and Arkansas

"I'll trade you Vermont Ave. for 2 no-return games."

I'm going to throw all three of these games together as Southern Cal made a "real" SEC team look like Vanderbilt or MAC-powerhouse Akron. It's not too early to say the Trojans reloaded. As for the Big Eleven types, they got what they paid for. Michigan failed to cover despite Vanderbilt's bumbling offense either giving them great field position or just handing the Wolverines the ball. The AP must be listening to Mark May, as they ranked Michigan over Tennessee because, clearly, Vanderbilt is now better than Cal. Meanwhile, Penn Sate feasted on the brains of Akron in a rain-slopped match that was closer than I expected. Teams got paid, points were hung, in USC's case a lot of points, and teams were adequately tuned.

Next week has been circled all offseason as the slate bulges with big-time matchups like Ohio State-Texas, Penn State-Notre Dame, and Washington-Oklahoma. You think the first two are rough, try to figure out if the Sooners can cover. If you do, send me an email. I need to make good with my guy from the Cal game. Stupid Corso...

Trev Alberts is a former ESPN prettyboy. He doesn't like having his legs broken.

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