Updated: Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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The kid got in his shot at a top ten list. It's good, but it's not Trev Alberts good. I think it's time for me to throw my hat into dark, mysterious void of the top 11-25. The guesses will be most likely half-wrong, and everyone expects them to be. This is definitely my speed. Here goes:

11. Georgia
12. Iowa
13. V-Tech
14. Michigan
15. Oregon
16. Tennessee
17. Florida State
18. Louisville
19. Nebraska
20. Alabama
21. Penn State
22. Oklahoma
23. TCU
24. Clemson
25. Texas Tech

Judging almost entirely on who I think dominates in NCAA 2007, but there is some method to my madness. Teams 11-17 are undoubtedly talented, and are basically interchangeable. I like Georgia's defense, and the entire group is plenty talented. If a team like Iowa, Oregon, or Tennessee start to become BCS dark horses, I wouldn't be surprised at all. After Florida State, each team has a one-dimensional feel. Teams like Penn State, TCU, and Texas Tech are no slouches, but top 25 is a safer pick than top 10. Besides, Texas Tech's Xbox playbook is NOT as fun as you would think.

Onto the links, we have a new addition to the anti-Mark May family of networks. I would like to extend a hearty interweb handshake to MarkMayBeWrong. A few ND grad students are starting up a more statistical take on the world of punditry, and we here salute them in all of their suck-o-meter filled adventures.

However, since they are ND graduate students, I am obliged by law to post the following:

Trev Alberts is a future CSTV correspondent. He is almost always half-wrong.




Blogger Mike said...

Louisville is both 18th and 20th in your poll. Love the site though, the Grey Goose interview is classic.

3:40 PM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

Glad to see our Big East readership has made it past West Virginia. #20 has been edited to Alabama.

4:55 PM  

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