Updated: Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Zen Rocks

I spent much of this weekend reflecting on the mad reflective power the beginning of the season brings. Every few months, there's a new beginning here in Bristol. Baseball, football, NASCAR, each one has their own feel, their own chi. Down with the Zen, feel me. So like when I dropped some knowledge on you when you began your journey, I'll lay a few down for the start of your year.


New football season
Trev has shiny Crystal Ball

Michigan routs 'Dores
Mark May fell in love, mad love
Lloyd may still lose five

Irish slip past Tech
Media bash their own hype
Still pimp Southern Cal

Mustain in for 'Hogs
Houston Nutt is desperate
Questionable move

Colorado falls
Dan Hawkins is preaching calm
Keep the Hot Seat warm

Stuart Scott is ESPN's poet laureate. He gets half off all commissary fruit snacks.



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