Updated: Sunday, August 12, 2007

Football is hard work....and groin pulls. ND Practice Pics.

Alright, fiddling with the kid's camera here. Let's see what he's got...

Ok...So you drove two hours before the sun came up to watch a bunch of dudes stretching. Good work on that. Hope it was worth it.

That only slightly above average smudge in the middle of the kid's point-and-shoot is his idol, Charlie Weis. All stories of hearing his voice at practice have been versed only in awed, hushed tones.

At center, Corwin Brown, despite ravaging heat and humidity, appears to be wearing like two full sets of Under Armor cold gear. That would be uncomfortable to anyone even half the hardass of Mr. Brown, the Duke of New York, A Number 1!

Left to right, David Bruton, Tom Zbikowski, and Ambrose Wooden. I think they're running the "burnt on playaction" drill. Don't tell Tommy I said that. He looks like he'll kill anything that looks at him the wrong way.

Yikes. On a similar note, do not taunt fullback Asaph Scwhapp... Shortly after this was taken, the managers gave him a live goat to devour with his Gatorade.

Munir Prince of NCAA '08 "I am the most ridiculous 3rd string RB in the game" fame, taking reps with the cornerbacks. I'm not an expert on depth charts, but I play one on TV, so this looks like probably a real good thing if he can make the switch for you guys.

This picture is slightly blurred because JC threw an 8 yard out immediately following its digital capturing. Any other discussion of his 2-3 for 12 performance requires an official papal imprimatur. I'm sorry, but its strictly regulated by Vatican II.

I'm getting the kid an internship at Tiger Beat if he keeps this crap up. I swear, every time I even mention his name, the editor titters like a schoolgirl watching High School Musical...but he's no Zac! If you say Jimmy is dreamier than Zac, I will cut you, and that is for serious.

Trev Alberts is a grown man getting paid to talk about college football on television. He will still cut you.



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