Updated: Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prepare the list

Begin the stockpiling of provisions! The media room must be filled to capacity for the long trials that await us. Kid, get thee to the nearest GameStop and don't tarry! Interns, begin the compiling while I run throught the checklist in handy blogged bullet format:

  • (1) Copy of NCAA Football 2008 for Xbox 360
  • Nerdy headset for interactive Trev-bashing
  • Side of beef, slow-roasting for (12) hours on open flame
  • Hot sauce
  • (2) bottles of Barenjager, chilled
  • Copies of Phil Steele's College Football 2007, the unofficial strategy guide
  • Sparks
  • rechargeable batteries
  • adult diapers
  • intertubes set to tonight's Steele packed edition of EDSBS Live
  • individually wrapped moist towelettes
  • pine bench for non-playing spectators
  • ship-in-bottle kits to pass time
  • whiteboard for perpetual dynasty mapping
That about covers it. Our fearless editor will be most likely rejiggering his beloved Irish roster and playbook into some kind of crazy Wishbone-spread hybrid whatsit, so he'll likely be bringing his own knifewrench for TD celebrations. (Demetrius Jones: 83 OVR, 88 SPD, 92 THP, 84 THA, what! -IO)

Trev Alberts is a current CSTV blogging type guy. He enjoys the smoky flavor of mesquite

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Blogger Eddie Mac said...

wow am i lookin forward to using DJ. Dude looks nasty, meanwhile i'm gonna keep losing money in vegas like yall. Keep doing the good work boys

3:58 AM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

-1 keg per Coors Light per player
-Hire "Frans" from temp agency to fill in at home for the wife
-foam padding for tossing controllers

4:32 PM  
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