Updated: Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week 10 Trevonics

Shock and awe for my loyal followers! A Trevonics by Odin's day? MADNESS! To be honest, its cause we're ditching this Popsicle stand yet again this weekend, as the kid is still roaming the Earth like that Kung FU guy in the wake of this awful Notre Dame season. Meanwhile, we had to make sure we didn't leave our cult following without another dose of the Trev. Scoreboard, ho!

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 64-79-1
Straight Up: 100-43

Ohio State (-15.5) over Wisconsin
3 months ago, I had this game circled on the calendar. Wisconsin on the rise, blah blah blah, and Ohio State not exactly lighting the world on fire. Well, the Buckeyes still aren't doing anything more than the ruthlessly methodical grinding of thier opponents into a thick Midwestern paste. The Badgers will be turned into the latest dumpling.
Trev's pick: Ohio State

Clemson (-16) over Duke
Its basketball season now, right? DONE!
Trev's pick: Clemson

Virginia (even) over Wake Forest
UVA is the new Wake Forest. You bore me, Demon Deacons. Off to basketball season with you as well!
Trev's pick: Virginia

Vanderbilt (+16) over Florida
These Commodores are no pushovers, sirs. They can sling it, and they can hang with their conference big brothers. 16 points is too damn much for a day game at The Swamp, but Ill split the pick.
Trev's pick: Vanderbilt to cover, Florida to win

Kansas (-19) over Nebraska
Oh, where is the horse and the rider? How did it come to this? The fat man, he comes for the Huskers, in the afternoon, and in the clanging and gnashing of husking shall echo into the still night, in a flurry of velour and awesomeness.
Trev's pick: Kansas

Georgia (-16.5) over Troy
I've been been doing what they call "hating" on the Dawgs this season, but this won't be a challenge for them
Trev's pick: Georgia

San Jose State (+25.5) over Boise State
Watch out for San Jose State, they can put up some points, and they've given Hawaii a good scare this year. Boise State, on the other hand, is still "that team that lost to Washington." I think you know where I stand.
Trev's pick:San Jose State

Oklahoma State (+3) over Texas
I'm still riding this to hell. Texas is still not impressing me this year. Heck, they almost lost to my Huskers for crying out loud. This one could be a shootout, and I favor the Cowboys, as is the style at this time.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma State

Michigan (-4) over Michigan State
Sigh. Michigan is good again. Its not cool to root for Michigan State anymore. Just root for the Skunkbears to bring their Appalachian Stink to the Rose Bowl.
Trev's pick: Michigan

South Florida (-4) over Cincinnati
New law of the Big East: screw the team with fewer losses.
Trev's pick: South Florida

Tennessee (-29.5) over LA Lafayette
Ugh. Why is there a line? Now I have to be somewhat concerned with this game. Its November! How is this even happening?
Trev's pick: Tennessee

Alabama (+7.5) over Louisiana State
Hmm. The Revenge of the Saban? Isn't it really the revenge of the Chainsaw? Louisiana State is very angry, and I don't like pissing off any mythological creatures with power tools for members. This is an SEC rivalry game of the highest order, so I'm taking the points and splitting the pick.
Trev's pick: Alabama to cover, Louisiana State to win

Missouri (-3.5) over Colorado
This feels like a trap line, like someone on the inside knows coach Hawkins is planning on spiking the Mizzou Kool-Aid or something, but I have to go with the likelihood that the Tigers could still hang 50 on the Buffs while under the influence.
Trev's pick: Missouri

Oregon (-7) over Arizona State
Its put up or shut up time for Arizona State, where they go from one possibly lucky win to rising to meet a second challenge. They get by Oregon in Autzen, and they have a legitimate shot at running the table...REALLY?
Trev's pick: Oregon

Rutgers (+2.5) over Connecticut
Big East screwjob number....I've lost track...I think this will be number four by then.
Trev's pick: Rutgers

Oklahoma (-21) over Texas A&M
The Aggies are still playing football this year? What with all of the turmoil and rumors and whatnot, I lost track of if they were any good. Judging by the line, I'm guessing no, and I'll have to stick with Oklahoma and their awesomeness.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

South Carolina (+4.5) over Arkansas
Also in the "hey, they were supposed to be kind of good, right?" is Arkansas. The 'Cocks are getting points in an equally tumultuous setting in Fayetteville. Maybe we'll get to see another exciting 9-6 SEC showdown, but I have to like the Visor's chances.
Trev's pick: South Carolina

Southern Cal (-15) over Oregon State
A lot of Trojan revenge here, between last year's upset, and coming off of last week's loss.
Trev's pick:Southern Cal

Florida State (+6.5) over Boston College
Please Please Please Florida State. Stop this madness. Restore some Order. Throw a Flaming Spear through Matt Ryan's head, and end this long national nightmare.
Trev's pick: Florida State

Notre Dame (-3.5) over Navy
While we're discussing national nightmares, I think Notre Dame (-3.5) is an affront to our fine men and women in the armed services. Not just the Naval Academy, either, but the entire armed services. This game is the true test of naval fortitude. If they can't beat easily the worst Irish team in the modern era, that streak is going to take another world war to get the necessary footballing talent back to Annapolis.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts used to be an empty suit for ESPN. He is a roadtripping fool.

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