Updated: Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 7 Trevonics: Sparing us All

Holy heck! Where did the week go? One second I'm building the perfect blogpoll, the next its Friday night, and I'm locked out of the stupid Yahoo pick them! I'd like to blame lots of things, but they are too numerous to have the kid type out. Mainly, they're all out to get me. The Germans, the NCAA, college football in general, and the concept of the points spread itself. In the abstract, seriously, after me. Let's get the equally fictional scoreboard out here for some rapid fire paranoia.

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 45-63-1
Straight Up: 76-32

Hawaii (-18.5) over San Jose State
Virginia Tech (-14) over Duke
Ohio St (-31) over Kent State
UCF (+11.5) over USF, USF to win
Illinois (-3.5) over Iowa
Texas (-16) over Iowa State
Kansas (-27) over Baylor
Tennessee (-7) over Mississippi State
Oregon (-18.5) over Washington State
South Carolina (-7) over North Carolina
Southern Cal (-21) over Arizona
Kentucky (+10) over Louisiana State, LSU to win
Penn State (-7) over Wisconsin
Georgia (-7) over Vanderbilt
Oklahoma (-10.5) over Missouri
Cal (-14) over Oregon State
Louisville (+10) over Cincinnati, Cincy to win
Auburn (+3) over Arkansas
Arizona State (-13.5) over Washington
Notre Dame (+13.5) over Boston College

I'd love to stay and explain the methods to my madness, but the office is going on a bear hunt early in the morning. There will be barenjager and Canada. That's really all I can say for certain.

Trev Alberts is a member of the legitimate media. He is not recognized this week by Yahoo! Sports.

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