Updated: Monday, October 01, 2007

Week 6 Blogpoll: Carnage

How has it come to this? An hour of wolves and shattered shields for the top 25. As the dust settled, we all realized that we were in the midst of Football-geddon. Let's just sit back and watch the rubble burn.

  1. LSU
  2. Southern Cal
  3. California
  4. Ohio State
  5. Wisconsin
  6. South Florida
  7. Kentucky
  8. South Carolina
  9. Boston College
  10. Oklahoma
  11. Florida
  12. Georgia
  13. Oregon
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Hawaii
  16. West Virginia
  17. Missouri
  18. Arizona State
  19. Kansas State
  20. Texas
  21. Rutgers
  22. Cincinnati
  23. Purdue
  24. Clemson
  25. Nebraska
The breakdown:

The top 5: LSU, USC, California, Ohio State, Wisconsin-

LSU and USC keep their death grip on 1 and 2, now more than ever. Cal jumps to the top of the rest by default and on resume, lining up the PAC-10 semifinal for the national title. Ohio State and Wisconsin are here because no one else has any kind of pedigree, at least not anymore, and the Bucks could probably take the Badgers in a fight.

The next 5: USF, Kentucky, South Carolina, Boston College, Oklahoma-
Ok, here's the part where it start to gets messed up, really really really ridiculously messed up. Even Oklahoma was out of place here last week. Now, look at them, playing second fiddle to the rest of this lot. I know the records speak for themselves, but USF, WVU, and BC? COME ON. I guess this is really good for college football, but seriously? OU is probably under ranked now, but thems the breaks when you lose to Dan Hawkins' kid.

The middle 10: Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Hawaii, West Virginia, Missouri, Arizona State, Kansas State, Texas-
Now the rest of the field recovers from the carnage. The middle 10 is home to the smoldering embers of many a national title dream. K-State enters the poll a bit high, maybe even Auburn should be up here, but they are officially better than Texas. The remainders move up into the mid-poll vacuum and we'll see where they shake out in the end. West Virginia, Florida, and Virginia Tech basically line up where I think they lose to teams above them and take everyone else.

The last 5: Rutgers, Cincinnati, Purdue, Clemson, Nebraska-
More punishment for my beloved Huskers. Even in the collapse of the poll above them, I give them no merit to step up a level. Maybe hold on to the ball, and we'll talk. Rutgers needs to bounce back from their run in with the Fridge, and we'll see what kind of team they want to be. Are they Rutgers or are they Louisville? Or are they Cincinnati? And what the hell with these Bearcats? Purdue is putting together a nice season, and in the Big Ten this year, it may be enough to make some waves.

The mysterious remains:
Auburn, Florida State, Illinois-

When you have a logjam at the top, and they all lose, you start to have a logjam at the bottom. If it wasn't for those pesky newbs like Kentucky, these guys are putting up the numbers to be more than just also receiving votes. Auburn grabs a signature win and is back to being a war damn eagle. Florida State overcomes the Dark Lord, and the fighting redacted take down JoePa. Keep an eye out for all of them...especially YOU Callahan!

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. He once ate the silver filings in his Etch-a-Sketch.

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