Updated: Monday, October 01, 2007

USF/Florida Photo Post the First

A few photos from the whirlwind tour of Florida.

We like to think that the USF fans had the right idea going into this game.

Of course, I had to take care of some business of my own on the way into Raymond James Stadium.

At least for one glorious weekend, this was very very true. Grothe is a slinger.

We did manage to take in the ND-Purdue game, taunted by a monkey at a local tavern. His evil stare becoming more vexing with each ridiculously sized college shot.

We managed to sneak into the UF student section once we got our ID applications signed.

Soon after this picture was taken, tens of thousands of Florida fans turned that stadium into the gates of Hell.

Brian of HouseRockBuilt does his best Urban Meyer headset scream. (click to animate)

More photos as soon as I can get them posted. Spoiler alert: In the next set, Orson Swindle makes it rain at Sonic.




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