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Week 6 Trevonics: DayQuil is Orange

We're back to rocking, loyal Trevians. We're rocking the jet lag, the DayQuil, the NyQuil, and I think there's some whooping cough make its way through the ranks. We are completely miserable, internet! On top of that, I've decided we need to do some unexpected management restructuring, so I've punched a hole through the wall of my corner office. Look! You can see the scoreboard from here!

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 41-52-1
Straight Up: 67-27

If I don't pick up this ATS business, I might punch a hole through that scoreboard....with my face!

Boston College (-20) over Bowling Green (1200et)
Boston College, this new and improved, and offensive (in more ways than one) Boston College must be a 3 score favorite over any MAC team if they want me to take this Top 10 business of there's seriously. Anything less is officially beneath them with a lofty ranking like that. I know about absolutely zero about these teams other than "white guy throw ball good."
Trev's pick: Boston College

Syracuse (+26.5) over West Virginia (1200et)

Oh, the effing have fallen! Look at that. Keep the orange mo rolling and get behind one of the sport's greater citrus inspired mascots. The Orange, nee OrangeMEN, have another one in them, while these shaken 'Neers are reeling. They showed me nothing of merit last week, but I'm not medicated enough to actually pick the upset. Split pick.
Trev's pick: Syracuse to cover, West Virginia to win

Kansas (+3) over Kansas State (1200et)
There are lots of things at play in this rivalry game. First, take the points in the rivalry game. Two, take the points in the rivalry game. Three, take the fat man in the rivalry game. While Ron Prince is a husky gentleman, his girth is nothing compared to awe-inspiring gravitas of the Mangino. I'm pretty sure the Jayhawk offense revolves around using the man's gravitational pull to hurl the ball to previously unseen depths. I blame Weis' recent slimming, slight slimming of course, for this tactic not working in South Bend.
Trev's pick: Kansas

Illinois (-2.5) over Wisconsin (1100et)
Get on the bus for the [Fighting Redacted]! Again, this feels like an obvious play on Wisconsin, but, honestly, I can't find any specific reason to choose them at this time. What have they really shown us this season? I love me some Badgers, but Sparty was able to move the ball rather well on them, and I think the Juice can do the same. The steady march to bowl eligibility, and a righteous defeat of preseason prejudice!
Trev's pick: Illinois

Tennessee (-1) over Georgia (330et)
Again, my uneducated dislike for this year's Georgia team rears its ugly head. Sure, they pulled one out in the heart of Alabama, but can they do it once more? Just another situation where the Dawgs feel like the obvious pick, but I don't have a good reason to actually think they'll win this. I can't explain it. Prove me wrong, kids, prove me wrong.
Trev's pick: Georgia

Oklahoma (-11) over Texas (330et)
The shine has certainly come off of this year's shootout, thanks to K-State and Colorado, but in my mind, is all that's really done is drop the points of Oklahoma. Think about it. If the Sooners squeak it out against Colorado, this spread is at least 14.5 in the face of Texas deciding to take this year off. Sure, there's the chance that the Longhorns decide to become an actual Texas football team in this game, but have we really seen any signs of that happening anytime soon? Lest we forget, this is an Oklahoma team that has shown some huge pointy teeth this season.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

Arizona State (-9) over Washington State (400et)
Erickson, how you continue to taunt me, with your flashy smile and PAC-10 enigmosity. Of course, I'm going to take you over anonymous State. It's too soon for you to break my heart.
Trev's pick: Arizona State

Clemson (-5.5) over Virginia Tech (600et)
I really should be taking the points. However, I'm still hesitant to think that the Hokies have an actual offense. I understand the intricacies of no-offense BeamerBall, but even Georgia Tech needed some offense of their own to stop the Tigers. Also, maybe Spiller has run back in time to when the Tigers were amazing.
Trev's pick: Clemson

Southern Cal (-40) over Stanford (700et)
Jim Harbaugh has called down the thunder. Do not taunt the poodle, sir. With all of the trash talking coming out of Palo Alto, you'd think Stanford was an actual football team. No sir. Southern Cal is a real football team, and they will make you pay for your insolence. Oh? You're starting a green as hell QB? Excellent. You're carcass will make a fine feast at the upcoming Triumph.
Trev's pick: Southern Cal

Purdue (+7) over Ohio State (800et)
Get ready for it. Here's the part where the Boilers are exposed for the pantywaist cupcake eaters they are, but I'm taking them anyway just in case they pull it off. I'll look like a freaking genius. An oatmeal loving, mustache admiring genius, and you will all sing my praises to the beat of an overly large novelty drum!
Trev's pick: Purdue

Louisiana State (-8) over Florida (800et)
I just don't get it. HOW THE HELL DO THEY ALLOW LSU TO PLAY NIGHT GAMES?!? It's like a giant cauldron of evil down there. The festering hordes of dark followers, their fangs glistening in the light of the full moon, their chainsaws readied at the crotch, to stab the Gators with their steely knives in preparation of a macabre Cajun buffet. Hot Boudain. Cold Couscous. EVIL. Florida, you do not have an actual secondary. This will pose troublesome. Half of your plays Saturday night will involve running a white boy at Glenn Dorsey. This will prove fatal.
Trev's pick: Louisiana State

Rutgers (-3.5) over Cincinnati (800et)
Sure, this game is important for the Bearcats, but does anybody care? I'm not hating on Cincy per se, I'm just saying if you watch this game over the LSU-Florida game, you currently attend either school, or your son is starting. I'll simply put my fake money behind regression to the mean on this one, although I realize said regression involves Rutgers being good.
Trev's pick: Rutgers

Nebraska (+7) over Missouri (915et)
I've said all I can say at this point. I'm taking free points. If this does not work, Callahan gets cut. For reals this time.
Trev's pick: Nebraska

Hawaii (-39) over Utah State (1205et)
Finally, sometime early Sunday morning, Hawaii gets to bomb the crap out of Utah State. Beer still delicious. Football=Popular.
Trev's pick: Hawaii

Notre Dame (+22) over UCLA (800et)
I'm not going to go too in depth here. The kid's had a hell of a week as it is, and all he really wants to see is his Irish cover. Well, he'd like to see them play a bowl game in Canada, and who am I to crush that dream? It's a freaking awesome idea if they let me leave the country. Anyway, I can't possibly think of any reason to favor UCLA by 3+ scores, so I have to go with the Irish here....as if you didn't already know.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts is a current CSTV football analyst. He freaking loves orange.

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Anonymous Chili said...

The Clemson game is at Clemson, not Blacksburg.

3:19 PM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

Duly noted. Thanks.

3:52 PM  
Blogger TrumanHugh said...

Another crappy week for you, eh?

3:24 AM  

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