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Week 10 Rundown

I'll start this week's Rundown with the end Navy 46-Notre Dame 44. Trev loves him some America, and the kid loves him some Notre Dame, but in the end, what a glorious day for our Naval Academy. I'm sure the plebes celebrated as much as did Saturday night, flooding the office in contraband and leaving our editor with the thankless ceremony of cleaning up after the fruits of my largesse. I think he really appreciated us going all out for the celebration of this glorious streak. I mean, hell, he's already packed his bags again. Hey kid, before you hit the road again, could you mind getting those interns to wheel in my scoreboard?

Week 10 Results
Against the Spread: 12-7-2
Straight Up: 13-8

2007 Season-to-date:
Against the Spread: 76-86-3
Straight Up: 113-51

The scrap to .500 and later awesome domination continues, but first we need to get level against Herr Spread. Meanwhile, the straight up still looking pretty damn dead sexy. On to the mostly boring slate of this weekend. We've got a whole lot of mismatches, close games that should have been mismatches, and out of nowhere mismatches. Damn it, Nebraska....

Ohio State 38-Wisconsin 17
A methodical pasting of the Big Ten morning order. The Buckeye schedule weakens by the day, and they are the odds on favorite to be the least challenged #1 team ever....until the title game.

Clemson 47-Duke 10
Basketball....Basketball....Basketball....just keep muttering to yourselves Blue Devils.

Virginia 17-Wake Forest 16
Virginia is the New Wake Forest? Should I even care? Can we at least get them to short circuit Boston College out of the ACC title game? Is that even possible? I dont really care?

Florida 49-Vanderbilt 22
Oh yeah....that's right....Florida is really good, aren't they? And....I learned something today.

Kansas 76-Nebraska 39
WOW! We gave up 76 points? And Mangino ate a giant wheel of cheese?!? I'm not even mad, that's amazing! Callahan, we hardly knew ye. Man. We are not good.

Georgia 44-Troy 34
This is why I hate on the 'Dawgs. You have to cover against Troy. Must cover.

Boise State 42-San Jose State 7
Fair play to Boise State. I think this makes them better than Hawaii, and potential WAC at-large spoiler.

Texas 38-Oklahoma State 35
Texas keeps managing to win, and I keep managing to find ways to not give them any credit for them.

Michigan 28-Michigan State 24
Hey, remember when this game mattered for Michigan State? Yeah, that was a great week back in September. Michigan, keep reaching for that NIT.

Cincinnati 38-South Florida 33
Oh my stars! Would you look at that! The Kiss of Death for the Bulls continues, and the Big East refs decided to stop being socialist for the first time in almost a month.

Tennessee 59-UL Lafayette 7
See Georgia? That's how you beat your random non-SEC game in November.

Louisiana State 41-Alabama 34
The Tigers escape the hellmouth of Tuscaloosa, the revenge of the Dark Lord Saban, and head on to the defacto #2 in America. They better keep it up, or they might just get leaped by the Ducks.

Missouri 55-Colorado 10
These Tigers sure are an interesting bunch too. They're smoking Big XII North teams like they were in the South. I'm ready for a Mizzou rematch with OU in the conference title game, if only because the BCS implications would be insane.

Oregon 35-Arizona State 23
I'm still not ready to call these Ducks for real. I mean, the PAC-10 is certainly winnable, but are they better than the chainsaw? That's too close of a call for Week 10. Arizona State however, is back on the road to being disproven.

Connecticut 38-Rutgers 19
The Big East refs are back to their senses! UCONN, the 1-loss team the power conferences love to hate, continues to chug along. Rutgers, on the other hand, remains a disappointment. Well, to last year at least. Two years ago, and everyone would think they were improving.

Oklahoma 42- Texas A&M 14
It's really sad that these days its a no-brainer that the Aggies won't be competitive. How many negatives did I cram into that sentence? I'm not entirely sure, but its still not enough to express the sucktitude of Coach Fran these days.

Arkansas 48- South Carolina 36
Games like this keep Darren McFadden in the Heisman race. I'm not saying he's a bad running back. No sir, not at all. He is still Humanity Advanced, but it makes it hard to really defend those gaudy numbers he puts up when he gets like 500 of them between two games. I am surprised that he lit up the normally stout 'Cock D, but there are still games where he disappears.

Southern Cal 24 - Oregon State 3
The Trojans beat the Beavers! The Trojans beat the Beavers! Do you believe in miracles? Yawn.

Florida State 24 - Boston College 17
The Seminoles beat the Eagles! The Seminoles beat the Eagles! Do you belive in miracles?! YES! That's more like it. Big massive, hearty props to everyones favorite Floridian tribe as they end this long national nightmare. No more does the concept of BC leaping LSU or Oregon enter anyone's mind. Go home, Boston College. Don't worry, we'll turn out the lights.

Navy 46-Notre Dame 44
The every falling bottom for Notre Dame. Oh, the kid is in good and proper agony, but more on that somewhere else on this fine interwebs. We're all still having to clean up the mess I made in celebration of his torment. Media room? Totally flooded for mock naval battle. Bloo and I decided to recreate that scene in 300 with the Persian Navy, er half the Persian Navy, er that part where a whole bunch of stuff sank. Maybe it was in Troy. I dont remember, I just remember that we need to get new carpeting in here before the mold starts writing articles on its own. Gigantic 43 year old high five to the aquatically inclined armed services. Ram Vela, whose name shall live on in infamy as "that guy that made that sack and also sounds like an Indiana Jones villain," makes a ginormous play that you've probably seen a thousand times by now. The guys vaults his blocker and goes full Superman on Evan Sharpley. Superman, the superhero, not superman as half-brother to "supersoaking that ho" as the young people like to describe these days in song. We looked that up in UrbanDicitonary, and let me tell you, you people are sick! Anyway, back to Navy. So much better than Notre Dame. How did it come to this?

Trev Alberts is a licensed football rundowner. He can go straight to hell.

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Blogger Travis said...

My purple heart weeps today. The Oregon Ducks are for real. I will root for them to lose, maybe our Beaver friends will upset them in the Civil War for the sake of Husky Nation.

I can't believe these Ducks might actually be the best team in the country.

Dark days indeed.

10:47 PM  

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