Updated: Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hooked by Trev

Trev may have gone 4-2 against the spread this week and 5-1 straight up, but he made one very careless mistake. Actually, it turns out he made two. It turns out that he had one of the interns open up a sportsbook account while I was out of the office this weekend. While I was in South Bend watching the Irish humble Penn State, Mr. Alberts decided to place a large portion of our discretionary funds on the Texas Longhorns.

So, it is time for plan B. We're going to open up the compound's supply closet and start selling some of our wares. Now, you too can wear our intern-issue clothing. Unfortunately, we can't get the site to accept Trev Fun Dollars.

More designs and a sidebar to come, if only to spare my kneecaps from our collectors.

Texas...what were you thinking, Trev?




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