Updated: Monday, September 11, 2006

Week 2 Rundown

Straight Up:15-2
Against the Spread:11-6

The Trev train kept on rolling in week 2, although there were some unforeseen difficulties. I would apologize for frivolously wagering our funds on Texas, but just think if the Longhorns had won! There would have been some serious money squandering had that occurred. I would have gone through all of the winnings, and then some, in a flurry of celebratory shenanigans. When you really get down to it, kid, I did you a favor. On to the recapping:

Iowa 20-Syracuse 13 (2OT)
A lesson for all of you would-be analysts out there, do your homework. I did not, and I suffered mightily for it. Iowa proves they are a mere husk of a football team without Drew Tate, struggling in the Carrier Dome against an emboldened Otto the Orange, darkening the hopes of anyone thinking they could take on the Buckeyes. I'll keep looking on the bright side and try to write this off as a trap game.

Oklahoma 37-Washington 20

3-tip INTs, regular redzone fumbling, and haphazard special teams? Yep, you better believe that's a chipping.

Tyrone Willingham...You might want to put a body on Adrian Peterson (32 car 165 yds 2TDs). I think I read that somewhere. Also, thank you for once again proving your tendency to make absolutely zero halftime adjustments and become completely dominated in the second half. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Virginia Tech 35-North Carolina 10
Shockingly out-gaining VTech 268 to 224, North Carolina manages to commit 5 turnovers as Beamerball marches on. This kind of reminds me of some of my NCAA 2007 games. In the office, we call it "getting chipped." When the defense is jumping out of their shoes to pick you off, fumbling in the red zone becomes expected, and you can't even get a punt off...you sir have been "chipped." The Hokies remain firmly in the "WTF" column on the year, likely confusing pundits for weeks to come.

Oregon 31-Fresno State 24
The Rollerballers ride into the Valley and take one from a hostile crowd. It took two crazy FG plays resulting in TDs, but the Ducks escape just the same. I guess you could say the Bulldogs were also "chipped."

Notre Dame 41-Penn State 17
There's getting chipped, and then there is just flat out beaten. Notre Dame shakes off the shadow of Tech and thoroughly beatdown Penn State in a game that likely had most of America searching for something else to watch. I believe CBS and ABC actually have to pay NBC a cut of their revenue when this occurs. The Irish may not be this good, and the Lions are probably not that bad, but it will sure seem that way for at least 6 more days. Our fearless editor is still trying to sleep this one off.

Ohio State 24-Texas 7
Last but not least, I want to say that I was misled from the start on this one. First of all, Colt McCoy isn't his real name?!? Where the heck did that come from? Not only did I miss the memo on that, but apparently Ted Ginn can teleport. The NCAA needs mutant reform, and it needs it now. Texas has a quality defense, and a ginormous Godzillatron, and no one could get a pair of eyes on this guy. The sweatervest has an arsenal at his disposal, and he will unleash it upon the college football world until ESPN loses its voice pimping its new found wunder-team. Weekly couch burnings, book it. Until then, I'll take Ohio State over the 1936 Luftwaffe by two scores.

On one final note, Cal torched Minnesota. I didn't officially pick it, but I just thought I would bring that up. Cal is the new Oregon.

Trev Alberts is a professional team-picking guy. His magnificent hair requires no pomades or gels.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1936 was a rebuilding year for the Luftwaffe--Goerring didn't get things going for a few years. His 1939 squad that rolled undefeated through a schedule of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Greece, and France? Awesome. Britain beating them in 1940 was like Texas beating teh gr8tst team evah last year in the Rose Bowl. Recruiting tailed off in the early '40's, and by 1945 they were getting beat by Iowa Pre-flight.

3:41 AM  
Blogger IrishOutsider said...

There were definitely some recruiting violations ocurring in the 40s. They almost got the death penalty.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(same anonymous as before)

At least they'll be remembered for introducing the "blitz" to defensive coordinators everywhere. Though their offensive coordinator, Coach Rommel, actually invented the scheme.

8:39 PM  

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