Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Book Review: Saturday Rules by Austin Murphy

Talking it over with our legal department, we've all decided that if anyone is capable of giving any kind of endorsement, its myself. You might think its because Trev can't be trusted with full creative control, but its really because he's mastering the Pistol on NCAA right now. He doesn't have time for anyone to read 325 pages to him.

Saturday Rules is a quick run through the major events of the 2006 season. Mainly focused on the Irish and Southern Cal, Murphy gives us the story lines both on the field and off, illustrating key points of each game in the heat of the moment, even with the occasional insight into his side-notes. Outside the game, he colors each battle with the backgrounds of various coaches, Weis and Carroll being the main yin and yang, and players. Each chapter focuses on a key game from last year, but he occasionally jumps past some upsets to show the shadow they cast on the following game.

Overall, it's a great light read to get you ready for the 2007 campaign. Murphy certainly hits all of the major points of last season, but it often feels like he often skims the surface. Maybe my daily college football surfing has spoiled me with more details than I could possibly give justice, but I feel like most people picking up this book will have at least a good idea of the finer points of last season. Weis coached for the Pats, Ted Ginn Sr. coached a bunch of current Buckeyes, Urban Meyer's spread offense is sexy, and Rutgers used to be really bad. Unfortunately, with each game/event only taking up 10 pages or so, the chance to dig any deeper is lost in the whirlwind of a writer crossing the country many times over.

However, that whirlwind is part of the book's character. Murphy's frequent flying is all over his writing. Running across the country, through SFO, to cover the absolute highlight reel of 2006 match ups (he even flies into Columbus' "Intl" airport), his frantic schedule takes over the writing. Between the storylines, he covers pivotal games with rapid-shot details that boil even epic struggles like UM-tOSU to a page or two. Again, an excellent way to brush up on your recent college football storylines while getting ready for the new year. Pick it up for your next road trip.




Blogger Willy Mac said...

I've always wanted to tell the real world to F-off for a year and go write a book about college football.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Murphys second book in this line. The first "The Sweet Season"
is great too. Pick up both these books. Neither will disappoint

1:18 PM  
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