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Week 11 Blogpoll/Trevonics: On the Road Again?

We're compressing posts all of the place, my loyal lemmings of football knowledge. The kid is out there "finding himself" or some other kind of lame new age crap this weeekend. I don't know. Something to do with Himalayan shamans and those weird Scandinavian midget guide business or something. Maybe he's just sick of me and is already abusing my new mental health vacation policies. These are the kinds of things that are important when your staff is normally run by a bunch of figments of the imagination. On top of that, there's that whole bombing of ImaginationLand that's really cramping production around here, not to mention that the Muppet Newscaster is out picketing for the Writers' Guild for reasons only known to him. Anyway, we're going to take a look at the sections of polled blognostery, then some quick picks.

  1. Ohio State
  2. Louisiana State
  3. Oregon
  4. Kansas
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Missouri
  7. West Virginia
  8. Arizona State
  9. Boston College
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Hawaii
  12. Connecticut
  13. Georgia
  14. Southern Cal
  15. Florida
  16. Texas
  17. Boise State
  18. Auburn
  19. Alabama
  20. Clemson
  21. Virginia
  22. Tennessee
  23. Kentucky
  24. Florida State
  25. California
The breakdown:
The top 5: Ohio State, Louisiana State, Orgeon, Kansas, Oklahoma
Ohio State takes the lead yet again as the world's most boring #1 team. Only some team from Michigan stands in their way from rolling into the title game with nary a scratch on them. The chainsaw and the duck is more that just a bedtime story Papa Alberts used to read to me in my youth. This time around, the chainsaw's conference buddies may not be enough to get it past a PAC-1o champion duck. Of course, in the story, the townspeople all rigged their votes in the end anyway, so the predictions were all thrown to hell. Kansas has a legitimate claim to spoil everything if they can run the table, but that would involve a Big XII Champion from the little known North division. Oklahoma stands in their way, rounding out the top 5 for destroying Mizzou.

The next 5: Missouri, West Virginia, Arizona State, Boston College, Virginia Tech-
Things begin to sort themselves out now. Missouri has a chance to scratch and claw its way past the Jayhawks into the Big XII title game. West Virginia is the best team in this crazy Big East season. Arizona State could give the Mountaineers a game, but I'm sure they've their ranking between WfnVU and BC. BC is a falling dagger ladies and gentlemen. Its time to play for Matt Ryan's Heisman, and its basically the Dolphins model from the Marino years. Look that up, see how it worked out. Virginia Tech is doing what Virginia Tech does.

The middle 10: Hawaii, UCONN, UGA, Southern Cal, Florida, Texas, Boise State, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson-
The fine logjam of a dilly of a jam of a pickle down here in the middle ten. Hawaii, UCONN, and UGA are doing all they can to get some notice, but its just not happening these days. The Huskies still have a chance to make some waves if they get past Cincy and West Virginia. If they do that, no reason they shouldnt have at least the Mountaineers current ranking. SC>Florida>Texas in the remaining class of the blogpoll, with Boise State ahead of the next tier by means of their resume. Bama has been playing well, but I still think Auburn can win the Iron Bowl this year (and maybe ruin Georgia's season too). Clemson ran so fast, I couldn't put them any lower.

The last 5: Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida State, California-
In the last 5, resumes are ruling the roost. What else can I say if I'm ranking the Cavaliers ahead of all of these teams? I'll just point out how far Cal has fallen and move on.

The mysterious remains:
Cincinnati, Illinois, Arkansas-
Three teams that still have the opportunities to do some serious damage to their conferences and cobble together some kind of respectable season. They're all having "good" years, but they are on the precipice of OK. I'm looking at you, Arkansas.

Now for the quickened picks:

Wisconsin (+2.5) over Michigan
Clemson (-9) over Wake Forest
Missouri (-19.5) over Texas A&M

Tennessee (even) over Arkansas
Alabama (-5) over Mississippi State
Kentucky (-3.5) over Vanderbilt
Boise State (-24) over Utah State
Virginia Tech (-6.5) over Florida State
Ohio State (-15) over Illinois
Texas Tech (+6.5) over Texas, Texas to win
Cincinnati (-6.5) over UCONN
Arizona State (-7) over UCLA
Auburn (+2) over Georgia
Oklahoma (-38) over Baylor
Virginia (+3.5) over Miami(FL)
Florida (-6.5) over South Carolina
Kansas (-6) over Oklahoma State
Louisiana Tech (+36.5) over Louisiana State, LSU to win
California (+4) over Southern Cal
Boston College (-6.5) over Maryland
Hawaii (-17.5) over Fresno State
Air Force (-3) over Notre Dame

Trev Alberts is not a recognized Blogpoller. His gets migraines when he does it too much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mao! Ohio State Mao!

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He always does it too much.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Free Bet said...

what's with the first comment? Mao? lol

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Truly. I'm all for hatin on Mark May- he too, is a moron- but quit running your suck about OSU being 'untested' and 'boring'. If you watched any of their games, your opinion would differ, and if not, you really are, as mentioned above, an idiot.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're an evil genius, much like the SEC's resident evil.
OSU sucketh, no surprises there.
and to the above pillow-biter, OSU is not boring or untested at all, that safety they gave up to Akron for the only score in the first half was both exciting and testing of Jim Tressel. lol

-it'd be nice if you wrote more often, you lazy piece of Irish crap.

7:51 AM  
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