Updated: Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Sorry about the recent slowdown, everyone. There are a lot of things on the plate right now, the least of which is Mr. Alberts barricading himself inside his corner office. Apparently, he took the blogverse's advice to heart, and is trying as hard as he can to NOT DIE before this weekend's epic slate of games. A lot of heavy hitters square off this Saturday in college football's first "bracket buster" weekend. To prepare for this week's Trevonics and to ensure his own survival, Trev took most of the coffee from the break room, a couple fresh suits, one case of meatball Hot Pockets, and had the interns move in one industrial barrel of distilled water. This combined with his usual "emergency" kit, has him pretty fortified.

I, on the other hand, have several tasks to attend to, the least of which is assuring the entire staff that all is well and that our founder's recent paranoia is purely football based. The interns fool easily when Trev gets all worked up, as the last round involved changes to the dress code that oddly resembled the Heaven's Gate ordeal. Turns out he was mourning the death of the once-proud Washington Huskies, but that wasn't enough to save some of our newer hires.

In addition to this is the staggering delayed after-effects of Notre Dame's unexpected destruction of Penn State last Saturday. Tailgating was both too fast and too furious as travel shortened the available social window to a scant few hours. Luckily, I am privy to a standing invitation to a tailgate involving this man:

My liver hurts just posting this.

High in spirit and blood alcohol, I began to hallucinate...

Cargo Jorts: style meets unnecessary utility.

Get away from me, Joe Paterno!

The last time I had this vision, I was watching ESPN Classic with Sparks.

In the end, Notre Dame 41-Penn State 17 was very, very real. More pilgrimages to South Bend are on the schedule, even if Trev did gamble away our travel budget.

I'm on the slow road to recovery, but hopefully I'll get things in order around here. Unfortunately, we're out of coffee until Trev emerges from his bunker.

Until then, I'll be preparing for this weekend's ND-Michigan game by reliving last week's Irish dominance in Xbox form.




Anonymous pellee said...

My liver is hurting just thinking about the fact that you guys made me do that with Johnny Walker. I hate bog!

11:51 AM  

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