Updated: Friday, September 29, 2006

Week 5 Trevonics

Damn that War Eagle! He told me Auburn was going to cover! Man, I was having such a good week playing with the kid's money (Hey!-irish). This week is sure to bring us some exicting...um...come on...seriously? This is what we've got?!? That's it? Where's the rest of it? I guess this will have to do....All-seeing eye of the internets, show them my scoreboard!


Tennessee (-13) at Memphis 1200et (ESPN)
We start the day off with a whimper, as the Vols are sure to take care of business in the early morning match. If I could bet on the time of this game being set to curb excess drinking, I would, but let's not split hairs. While this falls into the category of "Memphis could hold the ball long enough to cover", I'm not seeing it. Coach Cutliffe is just too darn wily. I want to see how Gameday tries to use its lead-in to make this game interesting. The over/under is 1.5 puff pieces.
Trev's pick: Tennessee

Georgia Tech (+10) at Virginia Tech 330et (ABC)
With Virginia Tech struggling offensively, they are going to need to rely heavily on the Beamer Ball to get out of this day game alive. Luckily, Reggie Ball is still Reggie Ball...but he could become Reggie Ball! any day now. I keep hearing this like everyone expects it to happen. Realistically, he's a coin flip to throw more than 50%. Give the ball to Choice, keep Ball out of trouble, and Tech could win this game outright.
Trev's pick: *Georgia Tech*(Apologies to anyone who took this seriously, but I f-ed up Trev's pick...clearly from the writeup you can tell Mr. Alberts was picking the Yellow Jackets to upset.-the kid)

Oregon (+1.5) at Arizona State 330et (ABC)
The second tine in the ABC three-pronged regional coverage assault is this matchup of PAC-10 enigmas. Oregon, are the good? Are they great? Are they just ok? I don't know! They're Oregon! Oregon is the new Cal...say it with me. Ducks over their overrated-Xbox opponents, handily.
Trev's pick: Oregon

Alabama (+15.5) at Florida 330et (ABC)
Finally, we have the blogosphere's "Globe of Death" game of the week. This is what happens when one of your bigger sites is run by a conflicted Gator Fan from Tennessee, and half of your audience has probably read this book. I have to split the pick again on this one while the bookmakers keep thinking Florida can score at will. This is the SEC for crying out loud. I have zero knowledge of Alabama this year, I'll let the irony of that sink in, and you have to think 15.5 is just too many points. Wow. He can bowl.
Trev's pick: Florida to win, Alabama to cover

Michigan (-9.5) at Minnesota 800et (ESPN)
Michigan's rushing defense is probably for real against a Minnesota team that has been described as "Um...I think they can run really well" for as far back as I can remember. Unless the Gophers suddenly imitate my roommate's Minnesota "Air Force 1" offense from NCAA 2002, this could get ugly. Continue touting Michigan, Mark. I freaking dare you.
Trev's pick: Michigan

Iowa (+7) vs Ohio State 800et (ABC)

With Ohio State looking a little more mortal after struggling with Penn State and Iowa playing its role as perennial Big Ten dark-horse, this could be the game of the week everyone wants it to be. I would like to see the Hawkeyes getting more points here, but I'll just keep putting my money and my faith in Coach Ferrentz and hope they keep it close. There are a lot of big-game intangibles to make me believe Iowa can pull the upset here...but then again,Tressel could have been playing opossum last week. Sneaky bastard.
Trev's pick: Iowa

Notre Dame (-14) vs Purdue 230et (NBC)

Finally, we've got our traditional Notre Dame matchup in the last slot. While I am a fan of any coaching staff that derives their authority from their sweet, sweet 'staches. The only question in my mind is the Irish having enough in the tank after two grueling fistfights with the state of Michigan. The first was a thorough shellacking while the other one is reminiscent of Rocky IV. I just hope Holly Rowe does the game, she's freaking hot! I would hit it....Sorry, I had to make the kid throwup somehow. It was a desperate move bringing out the Rowe, but we've got a streak to uphold here.
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts is a board-certified doctor of Trevonics. He'll bring out the Ipicac on our editor if he has too.

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