Updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where'd I put that talking tiki?

CHAOS! I love it, man! This is so much fun. I just wanted to give an internet slap-hands to that lovely candy truck driver who was nice enough to drive into one of the many snares I set for him out at the loading dock. We've taken your cargo and distributed the sugary goodness of the Swedish fish to all of the hungry staffers. Saints be praised! As for you, fearful editor, I know your trapped in a emotional coccoon of football-induced angst, but just so you know, ITS FREAKING AWESOME OUT HERE! I just kicked Trev's butt in Mario Kart. We celebrated by lighting the coffee machine on fire and performing a traditional dance in honor of your currently lame Irish football squad.

Man, he is just the best boss in the whole wide world.

So, when you get over your crippling depression, you should get out here and join us! Ha-HA!

You might want to start notifying that intern's next of kin.




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