Updated: Thursday, October 26, 2006

Das Spielen Uber Alles

Why, hello there, Herr Alberts, and a hearty Gutentag to your lovely compu-readers. Mister Trev, there is a bit of a concern we have with your last week's resulting bet account status. While you only went the 4-6, which is not bad, it's OK, you did manage to wager a rather large sum on the Georgia Tech-Clemson outcome. Unfortunately for you, the Tigers were very, very toight in their destruction of your side, and we must follow through with the unpleasantry of collecting on this business. How the ever, we have discussed the possible outcomes with your editor-cheif, and have found the terms acceptable. Instead of our more painful methods of collection process, we have negotiated an agreement that will pay-off your debit in the full in exchange for internet space to tout our wares. So without further ado, Petra, mein evening match-pick.

Virginia Tech (+4.5) vs. Clemson 730et (ESPN)

Enjoy this crafty point-spread, American wagerkampfers. It is intriguing to you, no? Jorg has set his meticulous auto-system to create a diabolical line that both entices and arouses. You cannot resist it, can you? The allure of taking the rough and tumble home-dog Hokies this evening. Clemson you think win game in rout, but yet the line, it is so mischievous! Ponder this all through the day, let it stick in your mind like a rusty pickax wielded by my ex-lover, Freya. Consider the fallow impotence of the Virigina Tech offense and ask "Why is the spread so low?" It is an enigma. Clemson's rout of Georgia Tech is still ripe in you memories, yet this line perplexes you. Is it because Jason Davis' health is ambiguous in nature? Is it because the Blacksburg home field is so foreboding? Do you think that we think that you think that we think that Clemson is going to have a letdown? You cannot tell! You can only wager a guess.

If the urge to dance with the demons of fate overcomes you, feel free to visit Welt Sexy Computerspielenhaus for all of your joy-joy gaming needs. Even now, you are unsure of your actions, and to twist the dagger of dissent into your spine, I present you with one final glimpse of Clemson's recent glory. Doubt yourselves!

FireMarkMay.com reminds everyone to wager responsibly. If you don't, Jorg will have his way with you.



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