Updated: Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chaos shall rule the day!

Everything is going as planned! My dastardly ways have brought the Wheel of Death one step closer to fruition. I've just returned from a fortnight's journey from Auburn, Alabama, where I pumped in excruciatingly high levels of '80s "Jocular Rock" from the lofty confines of my zeppelin fortress!

Take that, you reptillian currs!

Success! Florida fell victim to my schemes in fantastic fashion! None are safe from the twisted tomfoolery of I, Broderick West Quinnsington the Fourth! BWAH-HAHAHAHAHA! NYAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am half-way to full success!


Phase 7: Auburn defeats Florida-COMPLETED!

*and now a brief re-shuffling of my madness! No Thursday Night games can stop me!*

Phase 8: Iowa defeats Michigan-PENDING
Phase 9: Louisville defeats West Virginia-PENDING
Phase 10: Nebraska defeats Missouri-PENDING
Phase 11: Rutgers defeats Louisville-PENDING
Phase 12: Michigan defeats Ohio State-PENDING
Phase 13: Notre Dame defeats USC-PENDING
Phase 14: Nebraska defeats Texas-PENDING

It's all quite simple, you see. The Wheel of Death shall destroy your precious football systems with its brilliance and elegance. I, with my superior intellect, will oversee the demise of your intricate BCS system, claiming all of the riches for myself! BWAH-HAHAHAHA! NYAH-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Broderick West Quinnsington IV is a slimy scalawag. He once pilfered Dawn Pathorpe, the lady show jumper.



Anonymous samari said...

You'll never get away with this!

4:45 PM  

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