Updated: Saturday, October 14, 2006

UF/AU: Trev-o-vision 1st Quarter

Ok, everyone. You've got your 2000 ESPN channels, and 1 internet tube for Trevian brand excellence. I've got the kid coralling the staff in the main media room, and we've got a steady stream of beer, pizza, cider, and booze planned for the next few hours. Our editor will be making sure everything runs smoothly while I make sure that he doesn't have the seizure.

Kickoff: Jordan-Hare is out for blood. The staff and I are in agreeance, Tigers take this. In other news, the legal department has secluded itself until the conclusion of the ALCS on Fox. Hopefully, Bloo won't be charged with minor in possession for at least an hour.

13:02-Our more gambling prone interns are riding Kenny Irons like a rented mule on Tradesports. Auburn seems ready to enforce some will.

11:30-THE TIGERS WIN THE ALCS! Free affadavits for all! Now, back to the drinking and the football.

11:00-Auburn driving, face mask in Florida territory, lining up for the score. Urban Meyer is not pleased. I'm waiting for some points before I open my tab.

9:34-Executing against quote "this farce of a Florida team" unquote, Tiger fans are at 100% shaker-pompom saturation. Sorry. Still lame.

9:00-The gamblers are rooting for a field goal so they can buy in on Auburn on the cheap. It all sounds very exciting. They've turned the TV room into their own private trading pit.

It's great how we can mock the kid for being a total geek for liveblogging all of this. It's the best of both worlds. I've noticed we've got 10 readers right now, including someone in France. I have no idea how that happened.

Field goal AU. 3-0 Tigers. Let's get the drinks flowing while we wait for unintentional commercial comedy to appear.

8:50-The kid points out that Chris Leak looks like former ND basketball flameout Chris Thomas as the Florida offense takes the field.

7:26-Florida's offense implied to enjoy the love of another man for the first time this evening. Crazy high school play almost gets to the house.

4:45-Urban unexpectedly runs on 3rd and short as Auburn pwns the play. FG is good and we're at 3s.

2:18-An uneventful series by Auburn. Jim Rome wants to know why he's not the alternate commentary on ESPN2HD. Colin Cowherd vs my liveblog. I think I'm the underdog, but its only like 2.5 frenchmen.

1:56-Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, because when I think of getting October beer, I think of pumpkins...right...

End of Quarter-Both teams are moving the ball quite well, and Florida is knocking on the door as we head to another commercial break. We're getting Michigan-Penn State on the other TV, and everytime someone asks about the score, the rest of the staff screams "WAR MOTHERF!@$#-ing EAGLE!" and hits the inquirer in the nether regions. I'm just so damn proud. Brian from House Rock Built has come over because he loves pumpkin ale. His enjoyment of said beverage is causing him to question his own sexuality. I don't know where that's coming from...but ok! FOOTBALL!

On to the second quarter.




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