Updated: Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Great Email Purge

Hi, everyone. I'm just dropping in to remind you all that the FireMarkMay compound runs on many communist edicts handed down by our Benevolent Il Duce Emeritus, Mr. Alberts. We've gotten to a healthy circulation by now, and it's time we try to get some feedback on our glorious five-year plan. (Slap hands to all the fellows in the blogroll, but special thanks go out to House Rock Built and EDSBS for helping fuel the Trevolution....I can't believe we're calling it that either....)

Anyway, since the office is run in the tradition of Soviet Total Quality Management (CCCPTQM), all of us here are certainly aware that the struggle for content is between those who own the means of production and the ruling class or bourgeoise, and we'd like to remind eveyrone of the vast opportunities in harnessing the power of the internet.

For starters, Trev has been watching his mailbox like Charlie Brown, and is becoming disheartend with the results. Feel free to drop him a line here (fotop81-at-yahoo-dot-com)and ask anything about anything! We know that there are questions that are dying to be asked, and that it is wasteful to waste his astute powers of analyzation. Let the TrevMail run wild and free, just like the saying "Let your TrevMail run wild and free."

We will soon be running a pilot program that will allow us to reward our readers with Trev Fun Dollars, so stay tuned. They're sure to motivate our proletariat worker base. I know it works here, but then again we have a company store. In the meantime, enjoy this motivational poster. We use it to advertise Office Poker Night, but I'm pretty sure we're mistranslating it.

Football. Glory. Stone.





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