Updated: Friday, October 06, 2006

Someone tell me what this means...

I'll have you know, Trev, that the kid's computer shenanigans left my wonderful head shots in their original pristine condition. Romey is still what you call a Gem Mint 10. Rack me.

I just wanted to stop by and comment on some of these amateur photos the kid came across from last weekend's ND-Purude matchup. Now, I'm all for catchphrases as much as the next guy, but what's. with. this? Boiler Up? Someone. Anyone. Please tell me what the heck this is supposed to mean, and, furthermore, how does one "Boiler the F* Up?"

Honestly, what's the deal? Is the so-called boilering something one does to oneself, or to a third-party, and, if applicable, is this third party quote 'a f* up' endquote. I am vexed. I am terribly vexed, but this picture takes the saying to a whole new world. I am actually horrified to see this.

COME ON! Is that a plug of chewing tobacco? Seriously, how many illicit substances can you expose the unfortunate kid to at one time, lady? I guess if the ND Bookstore sells fifths of Wild Turkey (We can dream.-IO) then we can go for the trifecta. Actually, I think I remember seeing some Scotch Guard in there on my last visit. Huff-tastic. Bonus points for the Natural Heavy.

I don't know what to say, clones. I am actually at a loss for words. Mass internet props to the message board types behind this shot, but really, what. the. F*? I mean....with the.....damn....I'm out.

Jim Rome enjoys adult beverages in moderation. He doesn't need to buy hooch from any bookstore.




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