Updated: Friday, October 06, 2006

Week 6 Trevonics

Way to screw up my byline, kid. Something's up with the betamax Internet dealie or something, because my beautiful visage keeps getting wiped from the archives. Damn you, irish! Damn you and your precious progress! This whole thing is creeping me out. If you let them do this, what's next? Disappearing Bloo? I don't want to even think about that, as I owe him some serious Xbox ass-kickings in reparation for those times he tricked me into playing as Arizona State...but that is neither here nor there. Let's get down to business. Scoreboard?

SU: 32-6
ATS: 23-14-1

I need to find some sexy music to play when we reveal that. It's downright burlesque.

Clemson (-16.5) at Wake Forest 1200et (ESPN)
The early games are both interesting conference matchups. In the ACC, one of these teams is going to become VERY overrated when this one is over. Wake Forest, having failed to play an actual football game this season, could become the season's early cinderella story with a win here over Clemson. Clemson, on the other hand, can regain the momentum it lost from that ridiculous BC game fully cross the threshold into "OMG! Clemson is the roxxor!" territory by defeating the Deacons while everyone still thinks they are good. Here's a heads up, Wake Forest, when your defense is being lauded for holding Liberty to 14 points, you're probably overrated. The kid's pulling for you though. I don't know how you should take that.
Trev's pick: Clemson

Arkansas (+15) at Auburn 1200et (CBS)
By the power of Phil Steele, I invoke this overblown point spread! Arkansas may have fooled me once with the USC game, but this time I'm sure. 15 points is just too many here against a Tigers team that almost choked one off to SuperChicken Spurrier and his magical Gamecocks. I think the 'Hogs could win this outright in a low-scoring streetfight, but I'll split this up to play it safe.
Trev's pick: Auburn to win, Arkansas to cover

Florida (-2) vs. LSU 330et (CBS)
DA-da-nanana! GO! GATORS! DA-da-nanana! GO! GATORS! That song is damn catchy. Everything is falling in place for the Gators. They get the LSU game at home after getting past an always tough Alabama game. This game is an even match, but I give the edge to Coach Meyer's haircut over Les Miles' unknown coif. I see Urban's boys riding high until next week's Auburn game, and then all bets are off. Come to think of it, Florida's schedule kind of looks like this:

Trev's pick: Florida

Oklahoma (+4) vs. Texas 330et (ABC)
Time to get back to the old-fashioned formula.
Texas+Mack Brown-Vince Young < Oklahoma +Bob Stoops +Cotton Bowl.
The Sooners are out for blood after that game at Oregon. This game is going to be like Keyser Soze shooting his wife and daughter.
Trev's pick: Oklahoma

Michigan State (+15.5) at Michigan 430et (ESPN)
Prepare yourselves for the inevitable, Big Ten fans. MSU is going to win one game they absolutely shouldn't, and this could be the one. If John L Smith stops taking his crazy pills for a second, the team may be fired up just enough to take their ND meltdown rage out on their bitter arch-enemy. Actually, I don't know why this should surprise anyone anymore. MSU does this every. freaking. year. Most of the time it occurs before the annual obscene letdown game, so we may be in uncharted territory here. Split pick because the "let's win for John L's job" game might just be Penn State for bowl eligibility. Maybe MSU could fire Smith during the bowl game just for closure's sake. I think it would be a nice touch.
Trev's pick: Michigan to win, State to cover

Tennessee (-2.5) at Georgia 745et (ESPN)
I actually just flipped a coin on this one, guys. We've got two teams riddled with question marks queued up, and I don't know what to make of it. Tennessee has the shadow of the Air Force game hanging over them, while Georgia had problems with Colorado (COLORADO!) and Ole Miss (OLE MISS!). Like the morning's Clemson/Wake Forest game but with higher stakes, the winner of this game will likely get a illogical leapfrog in the polls. I'll wager Air Force is better than Colorado or Ole Miss. If you disagree with me, fine. You just hate America.
Trev's pick: Tennessee

California (-4.5) vs. Oregon 800et (ABC)
My head is going to explode. I think I've gone cross eyed. Oregon is the new Cal...but Cal is the new Oregon! I'm so freaking confused right now. Oregon is still due some kind of karmic payment for the Oklahoma game, and it's either going to be here or at Southern Cal. Since Cal is the new Oregon, and lost the traditional early September blowout reserved for a PAC-10 BCS griper, they are basically fated to run the table, Southern Cal game not withstanding. Tedford is preparing his "don't punish us for good scheduling" speech for the inevitable BCS lobbying.
Trev's pick: Cal

Nebraska (-6.5) at Iowa State 800et (ABC)
Nebraska, time to win the games you're supposed to win. No offense to the Cyclones, but it's time to start laying down again. This one will be close for a while, no doubt, but I'm going to say the Huskers take this one convincingly. Restore the Order, Coach Callahan...my liver can't take much more of this uncertainty.
Trev's pick: Nebraska

Notre Dame (-31.5) vs. Stanford 230et(NBC)
I will not pick against the Irish. I will not pick against the Irish. I will not pick against the Irish. The kid is threatening to hold his breath if I do, so...ugh...I guess I'm going to have to lay the points here. If our editor passes out, I have to take him to the hospital, and I still owe those doctor types money from that time I tried to stage my own "Running of the Bulls." I can't even split the pick? Son of a...
Trev's pick: Notre Dame

Trev Alberts is a fully certified matador. His strategy is to blind the bull with glamour.

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the kid's a headcase.

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Blogger Michael said...

Big game Bob Stoops is dead. All hail mighty Longhorns.

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