Updated: Sunday, October 08, 2006

Week 6 Rundown

Ugh. This week was a swift kick to the biscuits, but I managed to stay above .500 while keeping the virtually sterling Straight Up business nice and shiny. A plethora of nail-biting football action...that quickly got out of hand. Yeah, that pretty much sums up every game from this saturday. Scoreboard for teh block....

Week 6 Results-
SU: 7-2
ATS: 5-4

SU: 39-8
ATS: 28-18-1

Not quite as burlesque as last week, but it's still plenty naughty.

Clemson 27-Wake Forest 17
Clemson is the bestest team in the world evah!!1!!! Fair play to the Tigers. Their offense got the job done and put Wake Forest in their place. The Deacons have FSU, VaTech, and the enigmatic NC State/Fredo duo left on the table, not exactly as easy as their season opening barnstorm. Clemson remains on their collision course with the Techs on their quest to be the new ACC hotness.

Arkansas 27-Auburn 10
Behold the power of Phil Steele! I think this game just sold 1,000 copies of the 2007 guide all by itself. Mustain, while not having a cool 'Hogs-QB name like Dick, Johnson, or Penix, is making good on his uber-recruitness and helps Arkansas do their part in contributing to the national title "Wheel of Death" (BCS doomsday scenario, more to come). Kenny Irons held under 100 yards, Auburn loses. Yeah, I think that's how they drew it up in practice.

Florida 23-LSU 10
Even though I went 5-4 ATS this week, I am most proud of this call. Sure, on paper it doesn't take galvanized ball-bearings to call a top 10 Florida team at home, but NO ONE CALLED FLORIDA. They were the trendy upset pick of the week, and the media had everyone buying it. Not me. Damn right. Florida's schedule continues its Japanese gameshow style with Auburn next week. Most conferences reward knowledge, the SEC punishes ignorance.

Texas 28-Oklahoma 10
Um, yeah. About that formula I broke down on Friday. Well, you see, that was under our OLD math. Under the NEW math, Shootout is Red River so Texas equals yes. My mistake. I'll try to get it right next time.

Michigan 31-Michigan State 13
You almost had the cover, MSU, but NO. Pucker pucker pucker. I'm still pulling for the poetic John L Smith bowl game firing, but it looks like the yearly Spartan Death March is on early this season. This is going to get much worse before it gets better. Excellent.

Tennessee 51-Georgia 33
Wow, this game got out of hand, quickly, in both directions. When this one started, I was sure that Georgia was going to keep the home-field-night-game-SEC craziness rolling for 60 minutes, but they managed to let Tennessee get back in it in the most humbling ways possible. Special teams blunders and turnovers were in abundance, and 84 points later, the Vols were on top. The SEC: Always pull for the team with more losses. The BCS end is near...

California 45-Oregon 24
The new Oregon managed to pull the upset over the new Cal in convincing fashion. I want to chalk this one up to the new Oregon managing to out-yellow their opponents by bringing out the obnoxious all-mustard third jersey. There needs to be a rule on this kind of thing: you can only bring out the jerseys if you can get EA to put them in NCAA.

Nebraska 28-Iowa State 14
Well, look what we have here. Nebraska winning the games it should win, and making the title picture complicated. Lincoln prepares to join LA and Atlanta as title-hunt epicenters as both Texas and Missouri have to roll through the Huskers' house to stay in contention. If you had told me two months ago that Missouri at Nebraska could have "implications," I would have slapped you in the mouth.

Notre Dame 31-Stanford 10
I didn't take the points, are you happy kid? Are you going to pay my internet bookie? Are you going to let the Germans break your legs instead of mine? Are you? ARE YOU?!? Don't worry, I'm not into them that deep...yet, but those internet types roughing you up would have been more interesting than this game. The kid is going into rehab for the Irish's upcoming matchup against the University of Bye Week.

Trev Alberts is a current correspondent for CSTV. It is not more interesting than watching Stanford lose.

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