Updated: Monday, October 09, 2006

You're all doomed! DOOMED I SAY!

BWAH-HAHAHAHA!!! NYAH-HAHAHAHA!!! The pieces are all falling into place nicely, and there's nothing you football blogging chumps can do about it! I'm going to utterly destroy your precious BCS system through my own dastardly vile machinations! All of your ridiculous polling, ranking, and random discussion will all be for naught once I fully unleash my diabolical plan, the Wheel of Death! A number of carefully plotted comeuppances that will topple your beloved American football! BWAH-HAHAHAHA!


Phase 1: USC defeats Nebraska-COMPLETED
Phase 2: Tennessee defeats Cal-COMPLETED
Phase 3: Ohio State defeats Texas-COMPLETED
Phase 4: Michigan defeats Notre Dame-COMPELETED (You bastard!-the kid)
Phase 5....there are many phases.....:Florida defeats Tennessee-COMPLETED
Phase 6: Arkansas defeats Auburn-COMPLETED
Phase 7: Auburn defeats Florida-PENDING
Phase 8: Louisville defeats West Virginia-PENDING
Phase 9: Rutgers defeats Louisville-PENDING
Phase 10: Iowa defeats Michigan-PENDING
Phase 11: Michigan defeats Ohio State-PENDING
Phase 12: Nebraska defeats Missouri-PENDING
Phase 13: Notre Dame defeats USC-PENDING
Phase 14: Nebraska defeats Texas-PENDING

NYAH-HAHAHAHA! Unlike that fool, Woodrow Wilson, my fourteen points are sure to succeed! Say goodbye to your BCS, blogging types! Chaos shall rule the day, or my name isn't Broderick West Quinnsington the Fourth! Good day!

Broderick West Quinnsington IV is just a plain no-goodnik. He once kidnapped Rockapella.



Anonymous captaineclectic said...

You. Bastard.

11:34 PM  

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