Updated: Saturday, October 14, 2006

UF/AU: Trev-o-vision 3rd Quarter

Now we're into the third quarter after some good old-fashioned halftime imbibing. This could get ugly fast. Urban has been doing plenty of the pointing.

12:35-Sorry to get back late, but we were mezmorized by the zombie nation. 10-3 Meeechigan over on that one. Florida is marching back down the field with their patented "broken play" action. REALLY?!?!

10:51-Auburn takes what we believe to be a deflected rugby punt into the pool for 7. We got ourselves a football match. 18-17 Tigers.

10:44-The Auburn "yell leader" is using a microphone? Is that allowed? What, is he cutting some kind of WWE promo? Florida is resuming their plan of gaining positive yardage on every play, even the ones that don't work.

9:20-Jordan-Hare Stadium is currently the fifth largest city in Alabama. Just thought the three of you would like to know. Florida is punting yet again. Much loudness. Uh oh.

5:40-This game is going hella fast. For a 1 point SEC showdown, the staff is more entertained by YouTube pogo stick videos. Tuberville actually punts on 4th and 2 at the Florida 40. Touchback, Gator ball.

3:08-Tebow in the game. I wonder if he's running? OH MY GOSH HE IS!!11!!!1! He is teh best evah. ESPN puts up the graphics, and he's 6-32 run:pass. Shocker.

:38/end of quarter-Winding down a quarter that basically had a running clock, Auburn insists on relying solely on YAC in 3rd down situations. ESPN is blaring the Friday Night Lights music, and the interns are more interested in watching YouTubers "ghostride the whip" All is going as planned.

On to the thrilling conclusion.




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