Updated: Saturday, October 14, 2006

UF/AU: Trev-o-vision 4th Quarter

I think this one's coming down to a crazy final play, but who knows? There's the definite possiblilty that we get a mini-Tenn/UGA ending to put this away real fast, but I highly doubt it. The beer continues to flow like wine. We've got uninteresting action in the Michigan and USC games, and I still freaking hate ASU.

14:22-I think this game is entirely under the new running clock rules. It's going by so fast. Maybe it's all the pumpkin ale we've been imbibing. Seriously, kid, wtf? Illegal shift on the Tigers. Yes, they still call that.

11:27-Auburn. I thought you could tackle! That's like, your thing, right? Again, nothing against Florida, but the Germans are going to break my legs on this. I need another beverage.

9:24-OH NO! Chris Leak has pulled his Chris Thomas moment of the game and fumbled the ball on Auburn's doorstep. The Tigers, like EVERY OTHER TEAM, fails to understand that they should get the next play off as fast as possible....and now it's time for the replay. The staff celebrates with a waterfall.

Replay illustrates that Leak pump-faked poorly. Fumble-laya. Fumble-rooski. Auburn ball.


7:17-The degenerate gamblers are voicing their concerns over ESPN showing the least attractive of the Auburn cheerleaders. Nothing againt the beautiful young woman, but share the spotlight.

5:14-The Tigers fail to do what USC did in the title game, and RUN THE BALL convincingly on 4th and 1. Upon further review, Auburn was -2 going into this...dang it. Trevonics needs this. On a related note: ASU! Pick six into my heart! 21-up out on the left coast. [NINJA EDIT:Upon further review, the Germas let us lay Auburn +2]

3:10-Auburn misses the FG, causing gamblers everywhere to go ballistic. I know this is the interweb, but I can't even begin to say what was said in the office when that went wide left. I think everyone is aware of the spirit of the message.

2:54-Chris Leak throws a Chris Thomas pick and Auburn decides to sit on it. What could have been housed is only driving the financial types crazy. They pray for the miraculous field goal cover, thanking their lucky stars for the liquidity of Tradesports.com.

1:13-The FG is in sight, and the gamblers are thanking their lucky stars. Let's see if Tuberville gets unneccssarily ballsy...FG is good, 21-17 Tigers.

:31-Intrigue enters the the game as the point spread rears its ugly head. The claws are out in the office, and it's like Planet of the Apes...but with booze...and gambling.

:05/end?-Is Florida shooting for the hook and freaking ladder on this one? Wow. In other news, Penn State needs a miracle and ASU is making it interesting. Auburn pick 6 for the end...and you've got yourself an over....27-17 Tigers. SEC, root for the team with more losses. Stone.

Thanks everyone for stopping by the inagural instance of the Trev-O-vision. Tonight's successful run can only be celebrated in the traditional FireMarkMay fashion...karaoke bar! Drive Safely everyone.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a joke, whenever the Refs can make a call against florida they do. We should just start spotting teams points before the game since the refs will just give them to them anyway.

10:44 PM  

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