Updated: Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Night Purgatory Wagering

Ja, Herr Alberts, we are back to provide you with the tantalizing point-spreads that only stereotypically vindictive Germans can bring to you in our haute couture of post-modern minimalism. Jorg has been toiling all season in his dungeon of computer wonderment, and now, we are prepared to unleash the abyss of nothingness upon the wagering public of the interconnectednets. How I long to hear the screams of torment echoing in the electric night. Behold!

Texas A&M (+2.5) at Miami(FL)

Ah, you didn't think we would not bring the "weak shit" into ze OB, no? What are you going to do with that as you drink your joy-joy brewdawgs in the local tavern hauses? You don't know what to do, for your are terribly perplexed by this line. It taunts you into actually believing the U is the favorite. Is this really a pick 'em at home? Which Miami team will show up? Even more interesting, which Aggie team will be present? Both teams have shown their flashes of volatile results, looking competent one day, and getting blown out by Oklahoma the next. Almost as humbling as taking Fresno State to extra periods.

So, even though mein fuhrer Trev has been mintzing abound with your so-called "American" computerspielienhauses, we bring this deadly line to you free gratis. Don't ever say us Germans are all black leather and nihilism.

Welt Sexy Computerspielenhaus is available for all of your fictional wagering needs. Please fake gamble responsibly.




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